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  1. Well Aged Whiskey Company offers a turn key, full service brand incubator/start up brand service that eliminates the need for entrepreneurs to tie up large amounts of cash in the build out and regulatory issues required by a full distillery start up. If you dream of owning and marketing a whiskey portfolio this option provides complete flexibility and control over your costs along with full customization of your spirits as you progress. Additionally, due to the location where your whiskey would be blended and aged, you have the ability to immediately begin direct sales in the company’s home state without involvement with a distributor. This benefit alone saves you up to 30% on your revenue margin per bottle. Age started whiskey is available or begin your aging process from new spirit. Either way we will custom cask and taste profile customize for you. Bourbon and ryes readily available and Irish whiskey by special order. We are also currently working with a vodka portfolio and are happy to work with spirits other than whiskeys as well as providing infusions and all natural infusion creations for your gins or vodkas. Our company provides deep industry background, full blending support from a master blender with 30+ years in the industry and connections to national distribution and marketing /training expertise. The romance of owning a distillery can be quickly extinguished by the massive financial requirements and regulatory demands. Side step these issues when you join our growing group of ahead-of-the-curve entrepreneurs and allow us to help you create your dream and build your brand. For more detail please review our website and give us a call: (please do not reply to this advertisement-email directly instead through the website) www.wellagedwhiskeycompany.com 610.326.8151
  2. I agree with a number of the replies as it relates to the risk factors in starting out. After years in the business and consulting involvement with a several distilleries as well as ownership, I have to to believe that most people are safer beginning with an independent bottling--that is having your brand built and onto market without the risk of building your own distillery. If you can make a go of the sales part then use the brand you've got out there to help fund and support a distillery build. Companies like mine ,Well Aged Whiskey Company (.com) allow you to contract your bottling/aging/procurement etc and help you start up the business without the excessive cash outlay. This is an option I think all newbies should explore in order to protect their financial futures. You can be as active or passive in this part of the process as you like while getting your sales/distribution up where it needs to be to survive and succeed. Please give me a call or take a look at the details on our website. 610.326.8151
  3. Please forward your contact info . Although I have a DSp in PA already, I am starting a new venture and have several brand clients who will be interested in connecting with you Thanks! Reply to wellagedwhisky@gmail.com please--I dont check the forum message so please go directly through that email cheers
  4. Brandywine Branch Distillery in Eastern Pennsylvania is seeking a fulltime production assistant and bottling line leader. We offer a full benefits package and very competitive salary. Position is well suited to someone with strong mechanical background (non distilling) as well as someone with experience in brewery or distillery. We function as a small close knit team and require someone completely reliable and dedicated to craft distilling and our future growth. We are located 40 minutes NW of Philadelphia and 2 hours from NYC. Our location is semi rural, very peaceful working conditions and great cost of living in our area. Please check out our photos, products etc on our website at brandywinebranchdistillers.com Replies directly to this ad will not be checked. PLEASE REPLY TO: riannon@ginrevival.com.
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