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    TTB Labeling Requirements for Non-Potable Bitters

    I know right! Standards of Identity are such an interesting thing. Still struggling to understand label requirements however, the TTB is not huge on making things clear.
  2. Fellow Distillers, We are working on launching our bitters line but running into issues finding out TTB labeling requirements. Has this happened to anybody else? Thank you for your help! Our recipe is finalized, all the ingredients are GRAS, it is unfit for beverage purposes and therefor non-potable. We've gone through the https://www.ttb.gov/ssd/drawbacktutorial.shtml and would like to start designing our labels as we submit. Has anyone found a page where the TTB explicitly states labeling requirements? Is it the same as for regular distilled beverages? Also anybody out there who has successfully submitted do you have to send in a 2oz sample? Thanks Everybody!