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  1. Oval mash tun

    Dude. What can I say. I mulled this concept over since you posted it. Excellent advice. I wasn't going about it in that perspective. I definitely need to broaden my approach on this. I've done a ton more research on products I can make available, and ways to make different attachments on different stills to get what I need. My main enjoyment from this is the design and configuration of the whole thing, and the chemistry behind it, but man your right on the whole marketing thing.
  2. Oval mash tun

    So, raki is almost the same as grappa? They have a variation that's not flavored with anise that would be similar, right?
  3. Oval mash tun

    Haha thank you, I should have just looked it up myself, but it sounds interesting. Might be worth investigating
  4. Oval mash tun

    Pete- I'm hoping to accommodate multiple styles with the same piece of equipment. The false bottom can be removed and the circulator pump could be used instead, if needed. I kinda thought the same thing with having dead spots if it all wasn't covered in perforated stainless, but maybe there's a different way with the pieces I have. And yes, the sparge is a bit much. Haha, but I had a stainless manifold I thought would be perfect and figured I'd use all the ports, change it later if needed. Captnkb- I guess I was sorta just fishing for any input. Haha. I have a few ideas but it's always awesome to see what others would do. And what is raki?
  5. Oval mash tun

    Hi. This is my first time on here, and seems like an awesome community. Im currently in the process of putting a distillery together, and need a few suggestions, if anyone is willing to help. So for starters, I'll post a picture of what I have to far. It's a 110 gallon stainless steel tub, and includes a whirlpool pump. I have somewhat of a sparge arm built, and the perforated plate in the bottom are the last largest pieces of what I got. I have a ton of materials, and can probably accommodate most any design. Thanks in advance!