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  1. Delivery Driver and Packager for Small Craft Distillery Sourland Mountain Spirits - Hopewell, NJ Job Description: Sourland Mountain Spirits is looking for a full-time or part-time worker who can help with all aspects of packaging, deliveries, and pickups. This is a great opportunity to learn and grow in this booming industry! What you’ll be doing: · Packaging: bottling, labeling, boxing, and quality control of all products. · Deliveries and Pickups: This includes dropping off and picking up products and materials for all parts of the business. · Being able to work independently and complete tasks on time. · Potentially helping with tours, tastings, and events when needed. What we want from you: Prior experience in the alcohol industry with a base knowledge of spirits and distillation. Must be able to lift 55 lbs. Valid driver’s license with a good driving record. Associates Degree or higher preferred Real interest and willingness to learn about distillation and our business. 21 years of age or older What is your favorite spirit? Please send cover letter and resume to andrew@sourlandspirits.com
  2. Shift Distiller ---Sourland Mountain Spirits--- Hopewell, NJ Job Description- Sourland Mountain Spirits is looking for a full-time distiller to help assist with the production of our award-winning spirits. Our products currently consist of vodka, rum, gin, barrel aged gin, and we are storing barrels for bourbon, rum, and apple brandy to be released in the next few years. We operate a 450 L hybrid still, a 250 L pot still, and a 1000 L mash tun. Our distillery is located on a farm adjacent to Brick Farm Tavern (130 Hopewell-Rocky Hill Rd., Hopewell, NJ, 08525). We are in the process of building out a tasting room that will cater to customer experience and in-house sales. Recently acquired air conditioner. This is a 40 hour per week salaried position with compensation dependent upon experience. We run two shifts per day, morning 7AM-3PM, and afternoon 10AM -7PM. You will need to be available for either shift. What you’ll be doing: · Following production procedures and directions given by Head Distiller. · Keeping track of inventory of raw materials and supplies to prevent work stoppage. · Keeping daily production records as needed in order to allow for the accurate preparation of government reports. · Learning how to input those production records using Stillhouse software. · Maintaining accurate invoice records of product flow to customers. · Working independently to fill, fire, and run our equipment. · Basic equipment maintenance and weekly cleaning of the production facility. · Working on the bottling line, filling, labeling and casing bottles. · Working in a HEADS UP environment. · The candidate we are looking for needs to want to learn. Independent ideas are welcomed and we foster a collaborative environment. You will become a crucial and valued part of our team. What we want from you: Prior manufacturing or beverage production experience is strongly preferred. Show us that you know something about spirits, what is your favorite spirit? Must be able to lift 75 lbs. This job requires on occasion lifting sacks of grain and cans of spent stillage. It’s not all the time, but a few times per week. Valid drivers license, you may need to take a delivery. This is an assistant distiller position. Please send cover letter and resume with references to joseph@sourlandspirits.com. We would like to have the position filled by September 17, 2018.
  3. Assistant Distiller for Sourland Mountain Spirits Description Sourland Mountain Spirits is looking for a hard-working and dependable person to serve as our Assistant Distiller. We are an award-winning distillery located on Double Brook Farm in beautiful Hopewell, NJ (about seven miles from downtown Princeton, 11 miles from Lambertville/New Hope, and 38 miles from Philadelphia). We currently produce gin, vodka, barrel-aged gin, and rum and will be adding whiskey and apple brandy to our product line in the near future. In addition to dependability some other qualities the candidate will need to have include the ability to work independently without direct supervision and a desire to learn about distilling both on the job and on your own time. Hours: Full-Time, 40 per week Salary: Hourly and commensurate with experience and education Duties: Assist the head distiller with the distillation process and day-to-day operations which include, but are not limited to: distillation, equipment and facility cleaning, mashing and fermentation, barreling, packaging, and deliveries. The ideal candidate would also be open to some administrative work and support of inside sales. Applicant Must Have · General handiness with basic tools, · Some understanding of cleaning and sanitation procedures, · A positive attitude, · Strong orientation towards quality control and safety, · Ability to multitask and adjust to changing priorities while focusing on detail, · Good time management skills. Education/Experience: Requires high school diploma, college degree preferred but not absolutely. Experience in distilling/brewing (including home distilling/brewing/winemaking), fermentation, yeast propagation, and/or fractional distillation is necessary. Contact: Please e-mail your résumé and cover letter to our Director of Operations, Kate: kate@sourlandspirits.com
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