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  1. Time for another update!! We’ve been busy cranking away, and we’re up to 28 episodes!!! Since our last update we’ve covered a wide range of topics, and even another continent… As always, we do this (mostly) for fun, but also as a way to give back to this tight knit community that is so great and open. We always appreciate any feedback or show ideas. And promise to try our best to answer any questions. Let us know!! Ep 18 – Moon Bourbon? the guys talk about spirit categories! They discuss standards of identity, label approval, Malort, then quickly get distracted by other topics, including moon bourbon, which is not and probably never will be a thing. Ep 19 – Packaging Matters the guys discuss packaging and why it matters. Deciding on the right look of your bottle and label is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences in releasing a product–there are a lot of options, and plenty of opportunities to go wrong. Do the guys make it easier? Not really, but they have fun anyways Ep 20 – End of an Era Zeno catches everyone up on an exciting update in his career (goodbye double macro!!) while Colton and Brian make lame jokes. It’s a Zeno-themed episode! Ep 21 – Going to a Land Down Under Still Talking is going on tour! Just kidding, but we are going abroad. This week, we all gather round to talk about Colton and Devon’s upcoming trip to Australia and the beverage industry there. Ep 22 – An Interview w/ Derv and Sebastian of Anther Spirits Colton sat down to speak with Derv McGowan and Sebastian Reaburn of Anther Spirits about the Australian distilling industry, especially gin, which is currently booming! They produce out of The Craft and Co in Melbourne. Stop by if you find yourself in the area and follow them on Instagram for some sweet pics. Ep 23 – Drinks on the Job the guys get back into their regular routine (kind of). They discuss drinking on the job, diversity in the industry, and toilet wine, among other topics. Give it a listen and let us know what you think! Ep 24 – New Technology + Old Problem = Innovation the guys discuss innovation in the distilling industry. Ep 25 – American Whiskey the guys discuss American whiskey and its many forms! They talk about current trends, double macro, and their guesses for what the future holds Ep 26 – Controlling Your Quality the guys talk quality control. They discuss some of the better practices to ensure quality inside your distillery, no matter the size, and get a little distracted along the way (surprise, surprise). We’ll probably need to follow this up with a second episode so let us know if that is something you’d be into. Ep 27 – Marketing Your Juice the guys take a shallow dive into marketing. They discuss how to market your craft spirit, demographics that deserve your attention, and the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald or why Zeno flies to Cleveland every year in November. Ep 28 – What Makes a Master? the guys try to make sense of the term “master distiller.” Does it still carry the same meaning it once did? Do we think the title should come with some necessary qualifications? Are any of them masters of anything? (That last question is obviously a no.)
  2. It's been a little while since we gave ADI an update, but for those who aren't already subscribers, we've got a few more episodes out!!!! As always we appreciate any feedback, show idea, guests you want to hear...you name it!!! you can reach us here, on our site, or directly at info.stilltalking@gmail.com Ep 14 - Origin Stories https://stilltalkingpodcast.com/ep-14-origin-stories/ The guys talk about their origin stories in the industry. Kind of like all that superhero shit, but way less badass. Insider tip: there is a bit of extra content at the end. Listen all the way through for a bonus story about Brian’s time in the funeral business. Ep 15 – TheConsumer https://stilltalkingpodcast.com/ep15-theconsumer/ an episode for the consumer, which is funny since we’re pretty clueless abut what’s going on with consumers these days. We discuss questions you should ask your bartender, why you should go on distillery tours as much as you can, and why Zeno loves a brandy old fashioned. Enjoy! Ep 16 – Men & Animals https://stilltalkingpodcast.com/ep-16-men-animals/ Mergers & Acquisitions! As the industry grows, so will instances of merging brands to larger spirits groups and sales to conglomerates. We’ve seen it in beer, and the negatives associated with it, but will the same happen in spirits? We discuss this and more on the ep. Ep 17 – Get A Lawyer https://stilltalkingpodcast.com/ep-17-get-a-lawyer/ the guys talk about Pay to Play in the distilled spirits industry. It should be noted that they are NOT experts on this issue, and if you are a distiller or distillery owner with questions on this topic, get yourself a lawyer. Otherwise, feel free to listen to three industry professionals fumble through this concept and talk about Brad Pitt some more. Enjoy! Look for us wherever you download your podcasts from and check out our website...StillTalkingPodcast And don’t forget to follow us on all the social media sites, @stillcast
  3. Ep 13 – Going to Flavor Town https://stilltalkingpodcast.com/ep-13-going-to-flavor-town/ This week, the guys talk yeast! There are jokes (obviously), but there is also a lot of great information about fermentation and the role yeast plays in distillations and in the marketing of a product. Also, they talk about Guy Fieri. It’ll make sense when you hear it. Enjoy! Look for us wherever you download your podcasts from and check out our website...StillTalkingPodcast And don’t forget to follow us on all the social media sites, @stillcast
  4. Ep 12 - Kelvin Cooperage https://stilltalkingpodcast.com/ep12-kelvin-cooperage/ This week the guys welcome their very first guest. William Hornaday, the general manager of Kelivn Cooperage , drops by to discuss new versus re-charred barrels, strange barrel shapes, and favorite actors. Enjoy!
  5. Ep 10 – Face/Off: Marketing GNS vs. Grain to Glass https://stilltalkingpodcast.com/ep-10-face-off-marketing-gns-vs-grain-to-glass/ This week’s episode is inspired by a listener comment on Reddit! Thank you u/ignorancepower for the constructive criticism and the questions. The guys break down the difference between marketing a GNS product vs those who start their distillery grain to glass, and Brian messes up the intro not once, not twice, but three damn times. Please get in touch with us with any questions that you might have about our experiences in the industry and distilling overall! We want to start a segment where we answer them on the podcast. Finally, we’d like to join the many voices that are mourning the loss of Anthony Bourdain. He was a great human being with a fearless passion for what he did. If you need to talk to anyone, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, the Suicide Prevention Hotline, or the Crisis Text Line.
  6. Thanks Captn! Glad you enjoyed it. Let us know if there are any specific topics you want us to cover or even industry news we should talk about. We'd also love to get a listener Q&A segment going, so any questions you've got, be they solely to stump us and make us look dumb, or actual production, process, or media/marketing questions bring em on!
  7. Ep 9 – Barrel Aging: From Solera to Squarrel https://stilltalkingpodcast.com/barrel-aging-from-solera-to-squarrel/ This week, the guys got into barrel aging and what Zeno did last Friday night (which was definitely NOT against his will). They discuss rapid maturation, solera, the squarrel and more. Check it out and subscribe for the latest episodes! You can follow us @stillcast for updates and news.
  8. Episode 8 - You Asked, We Answered - Out Now!!!! https://stilltalkingpodcast.com/ep-8-you-asked-we-answered/ This week, the guys were joined by yours truly! We sat down to answer a couple of questions from a reddit AMA posted on r/firewater. This was definitely a hectic episode, there was a lot working against us一Brian’s basement flooded, so his carpeting had to be removed, Zeno wasn’t able to come to Nashville so he had to record on his computer using Apple headphones, there were four people talking一but somehow we made it work (sort of). We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
  9. Hey everyone Due to some unfortunate flooding in Brian's basement we are not able to bring you a new episode this week.... instead we're doing an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit (/r/firewater) tomorrow (May 24th) starting at 8pm EST! We got you covered with any questions you have relating to the distilling industry, whether they're craft, macro, or media focused! Also, please feel free to pose some questions in advance. We'll be sure to address them during the actual AMA. Thanks!
  10. Episode 7 available for download now! https://stilltalkingpodcast.com/ep-7-organizations-and-guilds/ the guys talk about different industry organizations and guilds. It’s actually way less boring than you might expect. Also, Colton coins the term “double macro”, which will never catch on anywhere. Good stuff, guys! Look for us wherever you download your podcasts from and check out our website...StillTalkingPodcast And don’t forget to follow us on all the social media sites, @stillcast
  11. Episode 6 out now!! https://stilltalkingpodcast.com/ep-6-bourbon-mashing/ This week, the guys get into bourbon mashing! Actually, we started doing a mashing episode and only made it through bourbon thanks to some distractions (*cough* ZENO *cough*), but we thought it was worthwhile anyway. This episode is a bit basic; apologies if you’ve heard this stuff a thousand times before. Enjoy! Look for us wherever you download your podcasts from and check out our website...StillTalkingPodcast And don’t forget to follow us on all the social media sites, @stillcast
  12. New Episode Released!! Ep 5 - Tasting &Judging https://stilltalkingpodcast.com/ep-5-tasting-judging/ This week, the guys try to drink a flight like judges (they don’t get very far), Zeno gives us a taste of his beautiful singing voice—who knew such a lovely, feminine sound could come from a guy like him? And we talk about the process of putting stuff in your mouth. Heads up, it gets a little sexual. Look for us wherever you download your podcasts from and check out our website...StillTalkingPodcast And don’t forget to follow us on all the social media sites, @stillcast
  13. New Episode out now! Ep 4 - The Guts of Spirits Competitions https://stilltalkingpodcast.com/ep-4-the-guts-of-spirits-competitions/ This week, we’re talking about an aspect of the industry that’s pretty well-known and a little bit terrifying—competitions! Both Colton and Brian are intimately familiar with the backend of domestic competitions, Colton himself has won a bevy of awards during his time at Corsair, Zeno was a judge at ACSA two years ago, and I have stewarded for ACSA’s judging. Go for gold! Look for us wherever you download your podcasts from and check out our website...StillTalkingPodcast And don’t forget to follow us on the social media, @stillcast
  14. Hey all, We have finally released our new podcast covering the distilling industry! It features Jason Zeno of Beam-Suntory, Colton Weinstein of Corsair Distillery, and Brian Christensen of Artisan Spirit Magazine. In our first three episodes, we cover the ‘newly’ passed FET reduction, what it means to the industry and our thoughts on where we/it are headed. Part 1 & 2 were recorded prior to the passage of the bill, and cover many of the lobbying efforts members of our industry took in order to get the bill through. In part 3 the bill has finally passed. We cover the specifics of what actually passed, and what we do next! We will be continuing to release episodes covering everything distilling. Competitions and judging, tasting sheets, mashes, and conventions are just a few of the topics already lined up in the queue! Our hope is that we can use this podcast as a way to give back to the community, and much like this forum put the education and information out there for those who want it. The show is for you all, so any feedback, comments, questions, show ideas, ect., would be appreciated! Look for us wherever you download your podcasts from and check out our website...https://stilltalkingpodcast.com And don’t forget to follow us on the social media, @stillcast
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