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  1. Working through production costs in biz plan. Once saw a post that stated that some of you saw good results filtering 3000-4000 proof gallons through your carbon fileter before changing out the carbon. Can't seem to find the post, so I have a follow up question: How much carbon in cubic feet, are you using per run? For example, hypothetically if I was filtering 400 blended gallons per run, how much carbon should be in the filter per run? Thank you!
  2. Could I steal that link Brenton?
  3. Full disclosure, Rookie question: Can you use the same filling machine to fill both non-aged clear spirits, and aged brown spirits? If so, any cross contamination issues? If so, best practices?
  4. So on the margin, their study finds you need to move 4,000 annual cases of 750mls to operate in the black.
  5. I didn’t make any request, simply asked if existed. Articles are often published documenting the annual case sales of this brand or that. TABC in Texas publishes monthly alcohol sales of every bar in the state. Simply was wondering if that data sits in a public database somewhere. Have a great Saturday.
  6. Is there a federal or state database for calendar case sales for each licensed distillery?
  7. Before you had specific orders for specific bottle sizes, how many of each bottle size (750ml, 1L, and 1.75ml) would you recommend ordering/filling in the beginning?
  8. Before you had specific orders for specific bottle sizes, how many of each bottle size (750ml, 1L, and 1.75ml) would you recommend ordering/filling in the beginning?
  9. I'm pricing glycol systems for overnight cooling, pre-filtering. I found a six year old post that is no longer active mentioning some have had success using a portable glycol to cool distillate held in a jacketed storage tank. Anyone using this set up that can provide details of it's cost?
  10. Taking suggestions for Reverse Osmosis System manufacturers/systems you have been pleased with including quality and service. Thanks!
  11. B&Co

    Ownership Structure

    Sage advice, thank you!
  12. We are looking for a provider of Potato based Bulk Neutral Spirits that can accept produce we hand select from local growers. We have struck out in our home state. Know of any affordable custom Bulk distillers who can help?
  13. They say every partnership ends, one way or another. Our future operation will be financially backed by a few bar industry silent investors. I will provide no investment capital, but all the sweat, leadership, and creativity. For those who have successfully or unsuccessfully funded your distillery from silent partners, how did your attorneys suggest you divide the equity and voting shares to account for your contribution, and ensure you retain control of the brand ? PM me if discretion is prudent , and have an amazing weekend! Cheers!
  14. Just a quick intro! A sincere thanks to the professionals taking time away from their busy operations to give back to this community, and help the next generation of distillery’s launch their dreams. We are in the early stages of bringing a unique story to life here in Texas, and look forward to tapping into the valuable institutional knowledge found here. Cheers!
  15. Speaking of young talented distillers: we are in the early stages of Texas based Distillery project, and will be looking for a young up-in/comer to execute our one-of-kind vision. We would love to start a dialogue if you know someone we should be talking to.
  16. First time poster, long time lurker! Need to get an understanding of the costs associated with partnering with a marketing firm for branding/packaging. As we shop these services, what should our budget be for a first-class partner? Cheers!
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