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  1. OCD VA

    Virginia - Tasting Room

    We are not up and running yet but we will just be serving mixed drinks/tastings. Maybe offering some snacks. Any food will be event oriented using food trucks so the they have to deal with the food.
  2. Hello everybody. I am in the process of starting a new distillery (Old Church Distillery) in the Richmond, VA area and thought I would say hello! Hopefully I will have my zoning confirmation this week and submitting our TTB application shortly. We will be concentrating mostly on a variety of whiskeys, bourbons and moonshines with some vodkas thrown in for good measure. I wanted to give a great big thanks to everyone on the board for sharing your stories and information. It has been very educational and enlightening to say the least. I will be posting more as we move along and I am sure I will have many questions for all of you veteran distillers. James