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  1. tgf

    Tips on Tails Cut

    I'm actually distilling from a neutral spirit, would that simplify things a bit? I've done a few runs of the same recipe from the same batch of neutral spirit and I'm still seeing fluctuating cutting temperatures. I'm exploring cutting by ABV with temp and taste as an indicator - would this be better or no?
  2. tgf

    Tips on Tails Cut

    How do we ensure that the tails cut for every batch is as consistent as possible? ABV? Temp? Taste? I've been looking into making the cut based on alcohol temperature, but find that it fluctuates for different batches though I'm not sure why (thinking it might be due to the fluctuating temperature of my cooling water, as it varies +/- 5 degrees depending on the outside weather).
  3. tgf

    Transfer Pump For Spirits?

    Thanks all, very helpful! What kind of air compressor do you guys use for the Flojet?
  4. tgf

    Rinsing Dry Botanicals...?

    Or should I assume they are never 'distilled over'? Just thinking they surely must contain dirt or dust and I'm wondering if this is safe to put into my pot. Thanks.
  5. tgf

    Transfer Pump For Spirits?

    Thanks @Patio29Dadio! Will definitely check it out. Just one question - what is the pressure regulator for? Is it absolutely mandatory?
  6. tgf

    Consistency In Color?

    Hapido, unfortunately, no!
  7. Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a pump to transfer: 1) some undiluted spirit at 80% ABV to a larger resting vessel where it will be diluted 2) 40% ABV neutral spirit into my still. what are some safety issues I must be aware of and any brand/configuration recommendations? I assume plastic hand pumps are not safe? Thanks.
  8. Simple question - how should I handle dry botanicals before distillation to rid them of dust?
  9. I'm looking into adding a pink color into a fruit flavored gin. Other than carmine, are there any other tips / ideas to achieve this (easily) to ensure consistent coloring + stability?
  10. I think it really depends on the profile of your botanicals. For my particular recipe, anything after 77% ABV has an undesirable "cooked" tone to it so I usually stop it by then, though in theory there should still be more hearts to collect at that point. thanks for the input - can you elaborate a bit more on why you chose to remove your dephlegmator? i was told it should help in creating a smoother/higher quality distillate, but i'm wondering if its actually worth my while if i'm already using a good quality GNS. I'm also thinking it could potentially strip away some essential flavor components. What was your experience with it (besides slowing you down)?
  11. Opinions Wanted! I've been receiving advice lately to consider having a dephlegmator installed - is it necessary to have one for a london dry (I have botanicals that are macerated in the pot), or would it essentially just strip away some flavor components?
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