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  1. LI Spirits Distillery

    **SOLD** Used 30 Inch Stone Mill For Sale

    We were working out a deal on Friday and we just got confirmation that the person is buying it. Unfortunately it is no longer available.
  2. LI Spirits Distillery

    **SOLD** Used 30 Inch Stone Mill For Sale

    Baiting Hollow on Long Island, NY
  3. LI Spirits Distillery

    Two Used Fermentation Tanks For Sale ($1,500 each)

    They are located in Baiting Hollow, on Long Island, NY.
  4. LI Spirits Distillery

    Used Auger For Sale

    we are located on Long Island. We currently do not have a diagram but one can probably be found online.
  5. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.  I also could not send a direct message for some reason, so I am writing here.  Contact me at justin.carpenzano@cortland.edu regarding the farm king auger if you are still interested.

  6. LI Spirits Distillery

    Two Used Fermentation Tanks For Sale ($1,500 each)

    They are 100% stainless, the exterior is an outer skin which is not stainless of course. These fermenters have 3 inches of cork insulation between the stainless tank and the outer skin. We purchased them from a broker for Ocean Spray and were originally used to hold Cranberry Juice.
  7. LI Spirits Distillery

    Used Auger For Sale

    Auger from Malt Handling LLC. Brand new, never used. Asking for $1,000 3/4 HP Direct Drive Power Unit 208-230/460V 3 PH 60Hz 358 RPM Small 5Cu ft Hopper includes lid with handle Model 350 Single Outlet Unloader with anchor and bearing M-220, 300, 350 Flex-Flo Control unit 230 VAC, 1/PH/3PH Model 350 Direct Drive Driver & Plastic Tube Anchor Package Model Flex-Flo 45 degree elbow Model 350 Straight Flex-Flo Tube; 10ft Model 350 PVC Tube Coupler Model 350 Flex-Flo Auger Spring (per/ft) PVC Cement 8oz. 3.5" Flex Auger w/ PVC Tubing; unassembled
  8. Never used and in mint condition, includes all gauges. See plate picture for spec information. Asking for $3,000
  9. LI Spirits Distillery

    Used Farm King Auger

    Farm King auger for sale. Near new condition. See attached pictures for motor specs. ($1,800 new) Asking for $750.
  10. LI Spirits Distillery

    Used 30 HP 3-Phase Motor

    Limited use 30HP Techtop Nema Premium Motor for sale. 3-Phase operates at both 60Hz and 50Hz. See plate picture for specs information. (Was $3,000 New). Asking for $950.
  11. Manufactured by Meadows Mill, Inc. Excellent condition. All pieces of the mill in this picture are included. 30" Stone Burr Mill, capable of processing up to 1000 pounds per hour. (Was $25,000 new) Asking for $7,500. Includes WEG Motor: Model: 81-25-18-28-4T Frequency: 60Hz Output Rating: 25 HP; 3 Phase Enclosure: TEFC Service Factor: 1.15 Rated Speed: 1760 rpm Insulation Class: B Ambient Temperature: 40ºC
  12. Two 2,150 gallon insulated stainless steel fermenter tanks for sale. Glycol chilling plate on base, with multiple stainless steel fittings on side and top for input, discharge and thermos couples. Hatch located at the top of each unit as well as fittings for an agitator motor, agitator and propeller included. Tanks can either be purchased together or separately (were $20,000 each new). Looking for $1,500 each.