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  1. Hi, I just joined and this is the first post for me. I am a fairly new distiller producing fruit distillates from plum, apple, pear and cherry. I have done quite a few first runs making low wine from fermented fruit mash through autumn and winter, and shortly I will be starting to do the second, and final distillation of the low wine to final eau de vie. Literature seems to be fairly consistent on pot still being the best alternative for fruit distillates, however.... My low wines have alcohol in the range from 17 to 32, and given that all the aroma components go from liquid to vapour based also on their relationship to water and ethanol (and not just temperature), I was wondering what the effect the strength of the low wine would have on the final product and if it could be beneficial to use one or two plates when doing my second run. I have a 250 litre hybrid still with reflux and 3 plates. Any thoughts, experience or recommendations?
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