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  1. We're considering selling an "age at home" kit which would consist of 2L barrels and 2 bottles of new make spirit in an effort to help sales and put our whiskey in the hands of consumers while our core products age in our own barrels. Right now I'm just trying to find a reliable source for the 2L barrels. I've found a few places selling them online, but most seem geared towards consumers rather than distilleries and the reviews aren't stellar. Any tips and recommendations are appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I am not a lawyer. I too was looking at this for a quick cash raise. What I was considering was selling a voucher for 1 single barrel, bottled. The assumption being that I'm not selling the barrel, but the voucher and the voucher would be exchanged later. Like DrDistillation brought up, it's hard to know how something is going to age. I was planning to sell 4 barrels, then as I was tasting the barrels for final vatting, I would choose several that were quite well and then have the 4 people come choose their barrel. You could still bring them in, and show them how the whiskey is a
  3. No. I will be having whiskey produced under contract, then transferring the barrels in bond to my location where they will age, and then I will bottle and sell it.
  4. Hello everyone. I’ve been lurking and browsing the site for a while as I was figuring out how I wanted to start my operations and now that I’ve got most of my basics and am ready to apply for my DSP, I’ve finally made an account to post some remaining questions. First up is a question about DSP approval for a location I’ve found. Quick background: my current business plan is to contract my first batches of whiskey while I establish my brand and look for additional funding to set up my full distillery. So for right now I only need to establish a warehouse DSP, with the potential for doi
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