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  1. Hi, We stock PVC lay flat sleeves in many sizes and Preforms in clear and gloss black in a few select sizes. Give us a call 209-545-6994 or send an email to sales@paulsonsupply.com and we will send you samples/pricing. It is best to send us a bottle drawing and confirm the Top OD. We also manufacture in the USA T-Top corks in plastic, wood and aluminum. Let us know how we can be of service. David
  2. Hi Everyone, We are excited to introduce our company, Paulson Supply, to all of you. We bring a lot of experience in the manufacturing, sales and customer service of Synthetic T-Top corks. Our product design insures that the cap will never separate from the shank. Our T-Tops are made of a PATENTED SENSORY NEUTRAL formula. I have met many of the ADI members and look forward to seeing you at the upcoming ADI conference. Let me know how we can be of service to you and earn your business. All the best, David Paulson Paulson Supply, Inc. Vice President www.paulsonsupply.com www.ttopcorks.com 209-545-6994 – office david@paulsonsupply.com
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