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  1. DegoSam

    Septic System

    I am making brandy and am concerned about the disposal of the spent wine product. Will putting it in a septic tank have side effects to the operation of the septic system?
  2. DegoSam


    We are lucky with very good water (just a few PPM) but for proofing we still run it through carbon and then a particle filter (in case we pick up some carbon). Recommend you get it as real clean for proofing.
  3. DegoSam

    Forumlas, COLAs online processing times

    @ Seventh Son I am in the process now. How detailed of a formula do they want? How detailed do they want of the process?
  4. DegoSam

    California Building Code Restrictions - Plans?

    Thanks Arthur, We are outside of Sacramento and would be very interested in talking to you about the guild. One of my partners has a lot of experience setting up associations and working with lobbyist. We NEED to get the laws changed here in California! We'll call you today! Thanks!
  5. DegoSam

    California Building Code Restrictions - Plans?

    Jedd, Thanks for the info. They do want things 'stamped' by a professional, I'm just not sure how many local professionals have done anything like this before. Anyway, we'll continue down the path and see what we run into.
  6. Hello, We are in the process of trying to get a distillery setup in California and have run into an issue with regards to the building code. It appears that a distillery falls under Section 306 - Factory Group F, subsection 306.2 Factory Industrial F-1 Moderate-hazard Occupancy. (Which includes "Beverages: over 16-percent alcohol content.") Our problem is that the building we are looking at was not built for this type of occupancy and therefore will require some TI's. Unfortunitly, we are not exactly sure what TI's we need to do. So, I was wondering if anyone else has run into this situation and what did you do to resolve it? (The county building department is asking that we provide a Plan Review which includes a floor plan. Additionally, we need to include an electrical plan, plumbing plan, mechanical plan, details of construction/.engineering and a Title 24, for those items that would be applicable.) Does anyone have any plans they might be willing to share? Thanks! Gordon