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  1. Thanks justandy. Maybe since i have alcohol in the sample for the refractometer it is throwing off the true reading? Very help ful article in your link.
  2. bluefish, Thanks for your input. I have purposefully targeted the higher sugar content to try out a new yeast. ie. Alcotec 48 turbo high 20% sugar to maximize yield. just an experiment. shooting for Vodka 195% ABV. I'm confused about the BRIX refractometer reading vs the hydrometer reading also. Would like to clear the wash and recapture the yeast since it is pretty expensive vs other yeasts. all input is welcome.
  3. KC, one further bit of info. I just took a BRIX reading with a refractometer. It shows 10.5 on the scale. Wash is cloudy, has not cleared. Should I crash cool to a lower temp than the present 77 deg F? I can definitely see some small bubbling mostly in the center of the Chronical Fermenter. Chronical has temp controls (cooling and heating) holding the temp near 77 geg F
  4. I have mixed a batch of sugar starting with a 18 % potential alcohol which Alcotech 48 says should be finished in 5 days if shooting for a 20% Potential batch. I'm now at day 8 and still getting bubbles. hydrometer shows below 0% potential alcohol. Temp has been maintained at between 78.5 deg F and 74.5 deg F (per Alcotec 48 instructions). 40 gallon batch.
  5. Thanks KB. I have plenty of questions so careful what you offer. lol. Technical questions, legal questions, licencing, etc. I'll be following the forums as they seem to have and abundance of info and experience. Thinking about going to the Expo in Denver in hopes of meeting people and attending some of the workshops. Hopefully it will be money well spent. Does anyone have any experience bout the ADI Expo? worth it or not?
  6. Good Morning gentlemen, New to the forum . currently starting a new distillery in Texas. Texas StillHouse in Orange Texas. Will be applying fore Fed DSP in January 2019 and Texas state DSP soon after. I have a1600 sq ft building and a few pieces of equipment and will be adding more this coming year. also will be expanding the existing building by about 800 sq ft soon. I'm very open to,all suggestions and advice to get me going.
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