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  1. I am working on our Business Plan, and I want to develop a cash-flow projection that takes into account seasonal variation. For example, I know that February is going to be slower than August, but I'd like to have verifiable statistics to backup my projections. I have seen some things on the web, but they were through pay services. Does anyone have access to, or know of a source of legit sales figures for spirits in the US/Canada as they vary by month? I'm in a high tourism area and expect a tourism bump during summer months. If there are any stats that address direct-to-consumer spirit sales in tourist areas, that is a bonus too. Much thanks, Michael Rosser Fairall Brewery & Distillery
  2. Hello all, This is a great resource, thank you to all who support it and led a hand to those of us less experienced! I am in the planning phase of a Brewery / Distillery in British Columbia, Canada. We have a bit of a different regulatory regime here, but the problems seem to be much the same. Looking forward to chatting with you in the future! Michael Rosser Fairall Brewery & Distillery
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