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  1. DragonDistillery


    So Hedgebird - just found this old thread - and was wondering if you ever found anything more about it? Looking at the regs - it seems to me if we bring in wine - blend it with a brandy and herbs - we could essentially make vermouth - but probably can't call it that. Maybe a vermouth-style spirit? Any info you have is appreciated!
  2. DragonDistillery

    Corn Mash Starch Conversion

    HI Roger - thanks again. So - just for my edification - so that more water doesn't hurt anything (other than production efficiency) - is that correct?
  3. DragonDistillery

    Corn Mash Starch Conversion

    Hi Roger - thanks. That's what I have always heard - about 30 gallon beer for corn mash. I was asking because I saw Mr. Owens youtube video where he was demonstrating alpha- and gluco-amylase and he was using about 1 gallon h20 for 1.5 pound of corn. So was just wondering. Thanks again!
  4. DragonDistillery

    Corn Mash Starch Conversion

    Just a real quick question - I've seen people running mashes at 150pounds Corn (pretty finely milled) to 100 gallons of water - using the alpha-amylase and followed by the gulco-amylase. But I'm hearing that this ratio seems to have too much water. Would appreciate any comments. Sorry for the newbie question.
  5. DragonDistillery

    Hello from Maryland

    Hi - thanks for the welcome! I'm really impressed with the depth of knowledge of the forum members - a ton of great information is here. We are hoping to be up and running before the end of 2015 - in Frederick, County Maryland. The name - it has to do mostly with our marketing plans - plus I'm a huge nerd and just like the idea. Thanks again!
  6. DragonDistillery

    Hello from Maryland

    Hi, I've been reading the forums for a while, and working on our start-up craft distillery in the Western Maryland area. Still in the planning and organizational stages, but wanted to say hello - and to thank everyone for all of the great information here.