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A Question on Financial Consulting

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Folks, I am not asking for business...I wanted some feedback just to gauge market interest in financial consulting services for start up distilleries.

 I own my own distillery and I come from a financial services and investment background with nearly 3 decades of experience. I have a PhD and MBA  and have taught finance, management and investments courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. I am published in accounting and investment academic journals.

My question to the peanut gallery is:

Would you (theoretically) be willing to pay for someone to help develop your financial projections for your start up distillery? I know many of you come from various backgrounds...but corporate finance and financial projections may be foreign to you. 

Just looking for feedback on whether the marketplace would support this type of service. Don't need the money. Have my day job and the distillery. But I have helped a few other start ups with pro formas, sales forecasts and cost analyses as it was like a foreign language to them.


Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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I would imagine that many people would be looking to get a sanity check on their numbers and projections. I spent 11 years in the financial markets myself. I have a good grasp on things, but I am also invested in my numbers and my projections. An independent set of eyes, would be welcome, and could help identify gaps or areas where I am blinding myself, not wanting to see reality. That is what I think would be a great service to those entering the business (like me) and others already in it. 

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