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Tuesday Morning Insurance Tidbit - State Surety

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Good Day Fellow ADI’ers,

     Yes, today’s “Tuesday Morning Insurance Tidbit” is being brought to you on Wednesday.  As the holidays approach at a fast pace, sometimes InsuranceMan 2.0 becomes a bit busier than normal!  Besides the normal day-to-day business of keeping a vigilant and watchful eye out over all of you, to the ongoing battle of fighting insurance injustices far and wide, to getting ready for the holidays, even I, with my incredible superpowers, sometimes cannot keep up with it all.  Kudos to all mortals out there who keep on keeping on during this time and stay up to date on their tasks at hand.  I applaud you, you are the true superheroes here!

     Now, on to today’s Tuesday Morning Insurance Tidbit!  This tidbit will be short and sweet … You’re welcome!  The topic at hand is …  Da Da Daaahhhhhhh ….. “State Bonds”!

     It used to be that all distilleries needed to have a Federal bond, also known as a TTB Bond.  As you are all aware however, that requisite went away here about a year ago, and is set to continue until the end of 2019, at which point the Government will make a decision as to whether or not to continue this exemption or re-implement it.  Until then however, many states still have bonding requirements.  From “Sales and Use” bond requirements, to “Alcoholic Beverage” surety, to “ABC/1-2-3/3-Tier” bonds, most states are going to require some type of bonding from your distillery.  Also, keep in mind, that if you are looking to expand your territory from your home state to other states, you will most likely be required to provide a state bond to the new state you are going to conduct business in.

     Does bonding scare you?!?!?  Does it keep you up at night and haunt your dreams?!?!?!?!  Do you find yourself breaking out in a cold sweat when you nervously contemplate how difficult it is going to be to get a bond?!?!?!?  Do you wonder if they will want all your most personal and private information or take your first born or your still as collateral?!??!?!  Well, have no fear … InsuranceMan 2.0 is here!!!!!!!!!!!

     I can assist you with all of your state bonding needs (as well as your Federal TTB bonding as well, if you are withdrawing more than $50,000 in tax paid spirits a year).  I have this down to such a science that all we really need is your name, address, bond amount and state, and I can have the bond done, issued, and out to you within an hour.  Bada-Boom!  Yes, you heard me correctly, in less than an hour. 

     Many of the state bonds, or sales and use bonds require a limit of anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.  For bonds such as these, not only can you have them in an hour’s time, but they only cost an annual premium of around $100.  Yes, you read that correctly, $100.  Again, you are welcome!

     So, if you are uncertain of the state surety you surely and certainly seek, seek surety no further than the simple certainty I can surely provide for your surety needs.  Until next time, dear reader …


Stay Vigilant,

Aaron Linden

Aka InsuranceMan 2.0



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