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John M. Pope

Seeking Entrepreneur for New Tech-Focused Distillery Concept

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Seeking seasoned entrepreneur to lead a new distillery with a technical focus and a historical connection.

A new Rocky Mountain based distillery with a strong brand and unique technology twist is seeking the right startup entrepreneur.  Position requires a robust mix of industry knowledge and growth business management experience.

This is a turn key opportunity:  Company formed and seed funded by a proven and professional new venture creation shop.  Business plan is complete.  Startup investors are committed and standing by.  Facilities (tasting room and distillery) are leased or arranged. TTB permit is issued.  New pilot scale still is ready for delivery.  Access to pristine aquifer water is in the works.

The successful candidate will combine knowledge and passion for distilled products with experience doing everything associated with getting a new distillery business up and running, including personally running the distillation, building and staffing a tasting room, establishing the financial systems and controls, and driving the brand.  Experience with chemical instrumentation and clean distillate chemistries, and general technology savvy, is a plus.   A stellar track record, spotless ethical and legal background, and high energy are required.

To apply, email your resume and a cover letter to jobs@theblueskygroup.com

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