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Glycyrrhizin Concentration Testing

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I recently submitted a formula to the TTB that came back for edits because of our inclusion of licorice root. Their statement reads as follows:

"Glycyrrhizin is found in licorice. Per 21 CFR 184.1408, the limit for glycyrrhizin in an alcoholic beverage is 0.1%. Please verify the percentage of glycyrrhizin present in the final product is less than or equal to 0.1%."

Is anyone familiar with outfits that can perform testing on our finished product? Or is a mathematical proof required assuming an initial concentration of Glycyrrhizin in our licorice root is within the range of 2-15% of the dry product per "Natural Food Additives, Ingredients & Flavourings" (Fry, 2012).

Also, does anyone have any supporting documentation from the FDA that can be used to support the use of Hawthorn berries in an alcoholic beverage?


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We used this company. They needed finished product and raw material (licorice root).

Xiaohong (Lucy) Wang, Ph.D

Intertek/American Analytical Chemistry Laboratories
711 Parkland Ct, Champaign, IL 61821
P: 217.352.6060 x109
F: 217.352.6052

M: 217.418.5499


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I would just assume the highest concentration of glycyrrhizin in the root and then do some quick math to see how close you are to 1% glycyrrhizin in your product...

If it is indeed 50x the sweetness of sucrose, you shouldn't even approach 1% glycyrrhizin unless you're making an alcoholic simple syrup.

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