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Barrel Warehouse Manager and Distiller Looking for New Opportunity

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I am the current Barrel Warehouse manager at Do Good Distillery. I am currently looking for new opportunities either brewing, distilling, or both. Might be willing to relocate depending on the right opportunity. Please reach out to me if you would like more info. Contact info is provided on resume

David Miller Resume 2018.pdf

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Hi Dmiller224,

My name is Nik and I represent a European Wine & Spirits Company, that recently purchased an American whiskey distillery.  The company is in the process of finding a new site to build a new distillery and wants someone that can give input on the layout of the plant.  They are looking for a plant manager that has master distillery experience.  Someone that has craft/artisanal business experience is desired.  They need someone to help them standardize the process from grain to bottle so they can continue to produce a premium brand.  This is a fantastic opportunity for some one to put their fingerprint on a product by helping us take the product to the next level.  

Please contact me 



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