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Jabsco SQN 20 Flexible Impeller Pump 480V, 3-Phase Never Been Used

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We sold our distillery and took delivery of this after the sale.  It includes the full remote.  This unit sells new for $3,395 with current options. We are asking $2,700 plus shipping.

Also, note it is 3Phase, 480 volt.  Our distillery was wired for 230volt, 3phase.

From TWC website:

The SQN 20 is a versatile 20 gallon per minute flexible impeller pump from Jabsco. It's an ideal barrel transfer pump or mash pump for small wineries, breweries, and distilleries. It is reversible, self-priming, and low-maintenance, making it a great first pump for commercial facilities.

Unlike centrifugal pumps and stainless impeller pumps, flexible impeller pumps exhibit no shear at standard pressures. The liquid is moved as the blades of the impeller expand and retract, pulling liquid in and pushing it out with each revolution. This gentle action makes flexible impeller pumps work great even in shear-sensitive applications like dairies.

Jabsco's pump heads are made of cast and machined 316 stainless steel, not formed/bent stainless steel like lesser pumps. This means less required maintenance, less wear and tear on impellers, and no leaking.

The SQN 20 is self-priming and can pull 10 feet of suction under dry impeller conditions, and up to 20 feet under wet. The standard impeller is non-toxic neoprene (fair for ozone), with Nitrile (not for ozone), EPDM and Viton (both good for ozone) available.

  • Precision cast head manufactured from 316 stainless steel
  • Variable speed controls in a NEMA 4X washdown-proof enclosure
  • Local speed control, start/stop, forward/reverse
  • 30' power cord
  • Speeds up to 1800 RPM
  • 1.5" TC inlet and outlet ports
  • Either pipe can be used for suction or discharge
  • 30 psi maximum output pressure
  • Mounted on a custom stainless steel cart with tool tray and cord hooks
  • All components in contact with liquid being pumped are AISI 316 stainless steel









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