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  1. Baudoinia compniacensis (black fungus)

    Thanks so much. This is why I love the distillers and brewers of the world. We all are in support of each other. Much appreciated.
  2. Baudoinia compniacensis (black fungus)

    LOL i agree. I'm located in Toronto Canada, and building the distillery a little east of here in a rural town. There have been several complaints ranging from the black fungus, fire concerns, butyic acid smells and pollution concerns. I just want to be prepared to debunk these issues come next week when I have the town hall meeting.
  3. Baudoinia compniacensis (black fungus)

    Forgot to add the wiki link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baudoinia_compniacensis
  4. Hi There, In my recent zone change amendment for a micro distillery, one major point of opposition is the black sludge/fungus that grows around major distilleries in the world. I'm not really even sure how to argue this point, but I have no evidence of this happening on a micro distilling level. Do you guys have any experience with how to calm the public regading these opinions? Thanks!
  5. Greetings from Toronto. A little bit of an introdution: I'm in the startup phase of a micro distillery in Canada. It's has been a long road thus far, and I've always looked at this forum for insight to some of my issues. Instead of being a lurker, I'd thought I'd say "Hi!" and thank you all for your information over the past while. Thanks so much, E
  6. Hi Paul, Do you sell affordable low pressue steam boilers to Canadian customers as well?