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  1. Ship Spirits to California

    as with all distribution, its a value proposition for the retailer. Are you going to sell, what efforts will you put forth to sell, do you fulfill a need or are your products a duplication? a duplication is not a no but it is a hurdle you will have to answer. Without a person in the street, IMO, your saturation will be limited. CA is one of the most difficult markets in the distribution business, as there are not a lot of rules, IE deep pockets win. Good luck and good hunting JH
  2. My company is the American Alcohollery. I am a small distillery in the foothill mountains of NC. I have a brokership in NC & SC, I am looking for unique products like aged bourbons, aged rums, aged brandies to distribute into these states. I have worked for over 16 years in alcohol sales and management of distributors and brokers. I cannot produce enough product to fulfill my sales opportunities and would like some more craft products to sell. I am just starting to represent a craft distiller in Louisiana taking his products to SC and hopefully NC in 2018. I am honest and a hard worker. My goal is to over deliver on all promises. If you are looking to expand your sales and want to work with someone that is similar to you and your small business endeavor, please send me a DM and we can talk about wants and needs for distribution in NC and SC. If you need distributor or broker advice in other states, send me a note and I will give you input on paths as I see them. Cheers
  3. Ship Spirits to California

    you can get set up with https://libdib.com. There is a few fees but set up was simple IMO. Friend can then request from a retailer.
  4. Fruit Press

    I have a dual basket hydraulic fruit press for sale. This is a duplicate piece of equipment for me. It is old but works great. I have 2 bags that goes with it. 220 volts located 28654 in NC. $4000.00 OBO