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  1. We will no longer need our Snap 51 and so am selling it. I've had it for about 5 months and am asking $3,100 (OBO) for it, which saves you almost $800 off the list price. It is an incredible tool and I will miss it dearly, but we're closing our distillery and don't have use for it any more. Comes with all manuals, case, spare silicon tubing, and hex key. https://www.anton-paar.com/us-en/products/details/snap-51-portable-alcohol-meter-for-distilled-spirits/ Contact gentry@lassiterdistilling.com for more information.
  2. EDIT: Some items have sold, including: Still 330 gallon tote Pump and suction hoses Bottle filler Superfood DAP Calibrated Hydrometers ================= I have for sale some nice entry level equipment for sale. See attached inventory list for prices (and tab 2 has items out of our tasting room for sale, if you're trying to build one of those out). For those interested in the still, it is a 160 gallon still with a 10-plate perforated column on it, built by @Dehner Distillery. This thing has served us incredibly well and I highly recommend it. The still has a dephlegmator, and comes with everything needed to run it (control panel, thermocouples, heating elements, all fittings, etc.). Willing to sell pieces individually, as well as a lot for $11,500. For pictures or more information, please email gentry@lassiterdistilling.com. All items FOB 27545 LDC Inventory List.xlsx
  3. Can you share any results from the analysis?
  4. I have for sale a carbon filter housing. It was designed to hold 15 gallons of product, plus the filtration medium, but I believe it will hold much more than 15 gallons. It's 8 inches in diameter, with brackets to attach to the wall. Has 1.5" screens built into the gaskets for the triclamp fittings on the top and bottom inlets, and I've attached 3/8 inch hose barbs for tubing. Works perfectly, built by Paul over at Affordable Distillery Equipment. It's a bullet proof piece of equipment, we just don't use it any more. I'd let it go for $500, FOB 27545. Questions? Give me (Gentry) a call at five zero one eight three seven zero six four four, or email me at Gentry at LassiterDistilling dot com. I'll take reasonable offers as well.
  5. It's a good insight that lactic acid (and other carboxylic acids) are prone to esterification and so will most certainly affect the flavor of distillates. In rum, this is not always a bad thing. In fact, it's one of the reasons dunder and backset are often used - to coax greater esterification of bacterially produced carboxylic acids. Our experience is that you CAN have too much of a good thing with this. Butyric acid in very small quantities results in a delicious pineapple note. Too much of it and the vomit smell will never dissipate. So the takeaway is to be careful about using carboxylic acids to adjust fermentation pH. All that being said, I typically do not adjust the pH of our fermentations. They usually start at around 5.0 and finish at 3.8. If it drops too fast, I will sometimes adjust up with calcium carbonate, but I have never needed to adjust the pH down.
  6. Selling our RO system (we switched to distilled water for proofing), along with booster pump sediment and carbon prefilter. Setup usually runs about $1200, I'm selling for $450 plus shipping. The RO membrane probably has some life left in it, but the prefilter will need new cartridges. Ships from 27545. Read more on the system here: https://www.hydrologicsystems.com/products/evolution-ro1000
  7. We use Hoochware and it prints our labels for us, which include the information you wrote about, @dhdunbar. I like to stick with what the rules say we need to include, but I've always been curious about how the cases from the large manufacturers never seem to have all of the information required by the CFRs. Could they possibly be packaging in larger bulk and the label they place on that larger unit somehow be missing from the smaller cases? For instance, I all the examples the OP offered, I see only deep Eddy included the Liters explicitly (most included some variation of 6x750ml). We include proof gallons on ours and I'm surprised that's not what is included on more cases. I also noticed most examples did not include a date filled like we do on ours. Any guesses?
  8. Hey there. We'd love to pick up a pallet of the 750 ml. I'll send you a pm to, or please me at gentry@lassiterdistilling.com.
  9. Good deal here. ROPP caps or could these be hand applied?
  10. @bluestar that's what we were thinking this platform would be good for. I assume you still have to get the out of state support/seller licenses from NY and CA to be compliant with those states' rules too. Has that been your experience?
  11. Good thought on the software. For anyone who's in the process of checking, weuse Hoochware, and I confirmed with them that their software is already updated for the change in FET rates for all tiers.
  12. Happy holidays everyone. I’m sure everyone is aware of the 80% FET reduction that will go into effect January 1. Much needed, I’m sure we will all agree Has anyone been advised whether that new rate will apply to spirits removed from bond in 2018, or that spirits produced in 2017 but removed in 2018 will be subject to the 2017 FET rate?
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