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  1. SunnyDistiller

    Still and License

    I know that you need a still and location purchased/leased to apply for a distillers license (CA type 74). Is there a minimum size still that someone would need to have or would a 10 gal or 15 gal still count as the distillery still until a larger still is ordered? If I have leased a building and have a 10 gal or 15 gal still, would that be enough to apply for a distillers license (CA type 74) Cheers.
  2. SunnyDistiller

    Award Winning Head Distiller

    I am a Head Distiller in California with 5 years experience distilling, recipe formulation, running a team at 2 award winning distilleries. I have experience with vodka, rum, gin, bourbon, whiskey, moonshine, and liqueurs. Every spirit made has been award winning. I have experience using a mash tun and mash cooker, open and closed fermentation. research and development, every step from grain to glass. I am looking for a position running a distillery that will allow my creative style to flourish. Relocation is an option for the right opportunity. Thank you
  3. SunnyDistiller

    Experienced Lead Distiller and Brewer

    I am a distiller and brewer looking to lead a distillery. I have 4 years of experience as a Lead Distiller and 1 year as a production brewer. I was responsible for 18 spirits all of which are award winning. I have experience with whiskey, bourbon, rum, gin, vodka, herbal liqueurs, and absinthe. I also handle everything from grain to glass. Cheers.