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  1. Experienced and award winning distiller and brewer. Over 6 years of professional Distilling and Brewing Experience at renown and successful Distilleries and Brewery while leading the R&D program for new spirits. I have won awards for everything from white spirits (vodka, gin, rum, infused vodka) to aged spirits (whiskey, bourbon, gin, rum) to absinthe and liqueurs. I have experience with mashing in on a MLT and a mash cooker. I have experience with using small stills and large stills from European manufacturers and American manufacturers. I have a background covering grain to glass, running a distilling team, training, distilling software, ordering, inventory, recipe formulation, fermentation, barreling, blending, forklift certified, OSHA standards, distillery layout, and equipment purchasing. Ready to join a distillery looking for a passionate leader.
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