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  1. Jpaul

    first time rum

    nothing certain.. I believe it was the temperature of my wash when fermenting, as I used bread yeast. I raised the temperature to about 20 C and was able to get it down to 1.011 gravity, I distilled it at that, I don't know the quality yet, I bottled it with wood chips to try to mellow it, so i will see what it's like in a couple months. I really don't think I'm the one to ask, sorry.. it could be what they said above. although my wash had no molasses at all and fermented down to 1.011 although it did take about 40 days...
  2. Jpaul

    first time rum

    one more thing, would you add the same amount of yeast used the first time, or a different amount?
  3. Jpaul

    first time rum

    ok, thank you! I'll see what I can do!
  4. Jpaul

    first time rum

    starting gravity was 1.092 I didn't do PH. fermentation temp was 31 C when the yeast went in and has been approximately 18 C throughout fermentation. ok it's only at 1.048 gravity rn so it has a ways to go.
  5. Jpaul

    first time rum

    how do you get it to fully ferment so fast? do you have high heat?
  6. Jpaul

    first time rum

    2 oz I believe to 4.5 gallons wash
  7. Jpaul

    first time rum

    this is the first rum I've tried and virtually first spirit I've tried. so it has been about 20 days and the wash which should take between 6 - 14 days to ferment is still bubbling in the fermenter but has a gravity reading of 1.048 the starting gravity reading was 1.092. so should I leave it, transfer it to a secondary fermenter, or distill it as is. I really don't know... I'm just looking for educated opinions.
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