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  1. If still for sale, please pm me at info@weldonmills.com
  2. DSP APPLICATION Thanks to Dave Dunbar, we Received our DSP Permit. Dave was instrumental in acquiring our permit. He hand-walked us through the process, filed our docs, and calmed us along the way. Without Dave's help we would have undoubtedly taken much longer to get our permit. We highly recommend you spend a little extra cheddar to retain his services......Thanks again Dave!!! EQUIPMENT Stills and Fermenters- Paul Hall at Affordable Distillery Equipment is Awesome! Our SEASONED Head Distiller says "his equipment works better than the overpriced big named stills." Paul and his staff will take the time to provide excellent customer service. They are very busy, but they find the time. Thanks again Paul and team, we are very appreciative of all your help!!!! Chiller - Mike Gronski at MG Thermal set us up with the right size chiller for our distillery. Thank you Mike! Give him a buzz if you want to add a new chiller to your setup. Finally, thank you ADI! Your forums have helped us tremendously along the way.
  3. Interested please contact me at info@weldonmills.com
  4. interested please contact me at info@weldonmills.com
  5. I this still available? If so, please pm me to discuss.
  6. I am interested in the 53 gallon barrels, please PM me at btyler@centerformilitarylaw.com
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