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  1. Weren't these assholes still taking orders a month or so ago??
  2. They're clueless, rather, they're solely a printshop with no equipment ties.
  3. ooooooh! Im interested. I only meant currently front & back are on the same core. It would be trivial to have them on separate rolls. How do I learn more??
  4. Maybe try these guys: https://annegreycooperage.com/
  5. I'd suggest an omega pid and belimo valve. Use there search here. There's lots of info. Fairly certain the inkbird is not a PID. Regardless, you want try proportional output and a valve that reacts to that: omega & belimo.
  6. Let's say I have bottle with a square / rectangular cross section. I need to be able to apply a label to the front and the back in at the same rate as I can do with my bottlematic-ii labeler... about 12 / minute. Our labels are printed on a roll with a 3" core where the front and back labels are printed on the same roll. In short we want to do this with square bottles:
  7. The thought of doing that for 300 cases a day fill me with dread.
  8. Oh boy... I honestly don't know. Our marketing vp called me this morning saying that our contracted design firm "may be recommending square bottles". My guess is that it will be a front/back - 2 sides label. I just want to apply the label with bottlematic-2-esque labeling and go from there.
  9. Don't I wish I could. I do so love the worlds where production and marketing collide.
  10. Our marketing company has recommended square bottles. Currently we use two Bottlematic II labelers which, for our slightly tapered and cylindrical bottles works amazingly well. Looking for sage advice for handling / labeling / packaging square bottles. Neither "hand label" nor "dont do it" are options. 😕
  11. My understanding is that chloramine treatment via AC is 100% dependent on contact time -- some combo of a big-ass AC bed and appropriate flow rate. FWIW, we only soften before RO.
  12. What for? Remember we're distilling not making beer. I do, however, understand clarity is important to you re: direct fire. We us a home-rolled grant only to control the pump so we don't compact the grain bed to the point of a stuck sparge.
  13. You don't make that mistake twice.
  14. Embrace the clouds. Embrace the flavor.
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