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  1. Sodium/ Potassium Benzoate or Sodium/Potassium sorbate in combination with citric acid will help. But as iglomski mentioned, whole natural ingredients will spoil faster over time in any given condition you just have to find a window of time where your product still maintains your desired flavor profile. If you would rather consider natural or organic flavors in your formula (which will increase your shelf-life significantly) let's talk.
  2. Are you still looking for an amaretto flavor? I can send you a sample if you like.
  3. Greetings, We are an up-and-coming product development company that specializes in the spirit industry. If you are looking for a unique flavor or are trying to improve an existing flavor, we offer custom formulations for a lot less than the big guys. We can flavor your final spirits or even create a ready-to-drink product for your brand that will set you apart from the competition. Shoot me an email or call for any questions. Marvin Abountiolas Natural Powered Products marvin@naturalpoweredproducts.com (786)265-9018
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