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  1. Thank you for your supporting statement regarding our price - Quincy Street Distillery! Also - please note for 200 lbs and above we have very competitive rates. Whiskey Tango If you not interested in certified organic - we can get you our chemical free ones as well. Also - again please note there is juniper berry at as little as $3/ lb - in the market too, but it is not quite the same in flavor or freshness profile. Berries from Asia -especially China are harsher, more astringent and do not have the top piney notes. I would love to have an opportunity to present our juniper, orris root and chamomile - they are incredibly lovely!
  2. The juniper berry is the same top quality that we always offer. Every month (mid week) we have selected items on random picks at 25% discount at any level of purchase. Right now we have our juniper berry on SALE.
  3. How many pounds do you buy at a time? Is it certified organic? How old are the berries? Where are they from? Most important - are you satisfied with the flavor it gives your gin? Because after all it is the quality of the berry that defines the gin ...... At 25 lb bags we offer a very competitive rate of $8/lb for this Grade A, certified organic, plump berries with deep rich juniper notes..
  4. Hello everybody, We are a small family owned, ingredient supplier based in Chicago. We currently have a nice stock of juniper berries, chamomile, orris root, all spice etc. Certified organic and at great prices. We sell from 4 oz to 50 lbs online, and can do custom orders for larger pallet size quantities. Please feel free to contact me at : info@esutras.com / www.esutras.com Here is a link to our juniper berries - currently offered at 25% discount https://esutras.com/botanicals-herbs-spices/31-juniper-berry.html Thank you, Tom
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