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  1. Looks like the software choices are slimming up a bit with Five Xs acquiring Whiskey Systems.
  2. Thanks everyone for the input. As we understand it now, we may be able to sell it to businesses that are deemed essential. In our state that appears to be fairly broad. It seems that selling to the general public is where a line is drawn. Truth is that we've run out of resources to do this for free but we continue to field about 20 calls a day regarding the hand sanitizer. We are not yet selling the stuff but we would like to. As we learn more about this we will try and share our experience.
  3. Thanks DrD. We understand the rules laid out initially. So how are Tattersal, Du Nord, and Justice Brothers now selling theirs? Is it through the FDA? TTB? They've produced and distributed 1500 gallons thus far. The prices are all laid out on their website so one might assume they sold those 1500 gallons! Also, has the FDA/ TTB commented on the need for sanitizer in federal prisons and if so has there been any comment on the addition of aloe vera/ gel so inmates won't consume it?
  4. We do not add mineral oil to our batches either. We vegetable glycerol. Perhaps you could share your aloe vera recipe?
  5. Can any of you all tell us what needs to be done to move to sales of our hand sanitizer? To date we've donated around 60 gallons locally but the requests just keep on coming in. As we are short on small containers we are adding a bulk option. Here is a good example we want to emulate for our region: https://www.allhandsmn.org/ Also, anyone used aloe vera gel instead of glycerol? Some of our most vulnerable populations are the nations prisons and they only take gel....(because inmates will apparently drink anything else. Cheers!
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/abc13.com/amp/2609609 okay. Here it is. This is what can happen when you put high-proof alcohol in an immersion blender
  7. Just heard the NPR story on Cotton and Reed in the DC area making hand sanitizer. They blended everything up in an immersion blender when walking the interviewer through the steps to make the product. Can someone please find the article or information on the guy that killed/seriously maimed himself using an immersion blender blending up high-proof alcohol in his distillery. Just thinking to myself how crazy stupid that is and now it's out in the public for many many more idiots the blow themselves up. Ugh!
  8. We are considering only entering competitions that give actual medals. While vindication and peer review are nice things to motivate and inspire, it's tough to measure whether it has any affect on sales. If you are not distributed widely, do medals printed in publication have any positive affect on sales? We proudly display our ADI medals in our tasting room and IT DOES have a positive affect. So, which spirits competitions give actual medals? Cheers!
  9. Hudson Bay Distillery had some used 5-gallon barrels last year. We bought about 10 of them and i think they had quite a few more.
  10. This was made by Dehner in Iowa. It is a very nicely built 150-gallon capacity steam jacket still kettle. 8" TC for the column. We are selling only the tank, mix motor, No column or condenser. This will come with a TC attached pressure relief valve. It also has a pressure and vacuum relief on the jacket. Heat up are very low as it has steam jackets on the side and on the bottom. It's been a great still to start our business on and now we are ready for bigger capacity. This tank will be ready to ship in early February or as soon as our new tank arrives. Call 612-419-4138
  11. Anyone have experience selling into these entities? I have some questions before we present our product to them. Please PM me... Thank you
  12. Who was this built by? Doesn't have steam jacket and cooling jacket?
  13. My experience is that there is only one way to combat this issue and that is to deep clean the f-ing thing at least once a month. completely drain, take-apart, scrub every nook and accessible cranny and let completely dry before assembling and making ice.
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