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  1. Dave, Thank you for your help personally over the past few years and from the greater craft spirits community over the past many years answering questions and being a high value asset to the community. Enjoy yourself!
  2. Direct fire on a copper kettle would be about as traditional as one could get, JustAndy. We are a pot-still distillery all the way, but I like the ease, cost, and usability of stainless and steam.
  3. We roto-vape a lot of stuff and I have even told tour participants (right or wrong) that our little roto-vape represents what some might call the "apex of distilling" but I am wondering how correct or incorrect I am. Is vacuum the apex of distillation so to speak? How does "Large scale" vacuum spirit differ from pot still and in what way? Am I crazy?.....wait, I already know the answer to this question!
  4. I am suggesting a forum topic about all the ideas there are around "greening" or making our businesses more environmentally friendly.
  5. Thatch, No to be too snarky here but, please note that I stated that we would use wind and solar as best we can to "run pumps and keep the lights on", etc. As far as I can tell a solar & wind powered distillery is really not feasible at scale. I would like to see the examples. Please prove me wrong! Explanation for engineering: This is not our first endeavor. We bootstrapped our current distillery. I call what we did "glorified moonshining" since we hacked it through the wilderness of a town that did not know what distilling was. We successfully lobbied and had the local codes adjusted that would even allow a business such as our to exist. We have grown 30% year over year since 2017. This extension of our distillery will have to be engineered because I don't have the knowledge or bandwidth to go hacking through unknown territory on this one. We have hit many chokepoints and had to make numerous adjustments to our operation but we are poised to fill 100 whiskey barrels this year plus another 40 or so rum barrels on a 300 mash/strip - double pot still set up. Our new distillery will scale our current style of making spirits (Pot Still Only)! I am interested in hearing all of the ways to green our new operation. Send any and all ideas, please!
  6. Thanks! Electricity means coal power and they are scheduled to shut down by 2030 or so. Then the electricity will have to travel a distance to even reach us. I don't believe we could get enough power to run our equipment on solar or wind and it's unreliable for a manufacturing plant. I think it better to be utilized to keep the lights on and run pumps. We looked into becoming "possibly" the first hydrogen-powered distillery in the US but upon investigating (we have a friend building electrolytic hydrogen separators). I was told that I should be prepared to pay a premium for the hydrogen which would have to be trucked in. Do you mean: Pull water from the pond through a system of heat exchangers? This system will be engineer designed, but I am interested in hearing all of the possible ideas for heat exchange and "greening a distillery".
  7. We are working on a project in a rural area and are exploring options for combustion/ steam production for a 1000 gal mash tun/ fermenter/ stripper sized facility. We are planning on cooling using a deep-pond with a coil in it for heat exchange. Would also like to utilize some wind, solar and heat recapture to make the facility as green as possible. Forefront questions: Is propane the best option? What other combustion methods are clean and cost efficient? Who has done this before and has some insight on building such a facility? Thanks in Advance!
  8. We are dumping 10 this week. 10 gallon barrels 1 year with bourbon in them.
  9. Questions on Ag distilleries and livestock: 1. I am hoping to set up a distillery on a piece of property in Colorado currently zoned as agricultural. What are the differences between this and a non-farm distilling operation according to Federal and State licensing? Do you know of any distilleries in Colorado which are located on agricultural, farm or ranch land? What are the specific challenges faced? 2. Our goal is to build a distillery with as small a carbon footprint as possible. One part of this will be some livestock to consume the stillage after being put through a liquid separator. What animals will eat post distillation stillage? I have heard that cattle don't take to the stillage like they take to brewing grains. What about heritage pigs, indian running ducks or chickens? Will they eat it? Cheers!
  10. 300 Gallon ACE Roto-Mold cone bottom tank with stand. 42" dia x 67" height. 180lbs Has a few ports for heating/ racking with tri-clamp fittings. $250 + shipping from 80487
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