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  1. Thanks! Electricity means coal power and they are scheduled to shut down by 2030 or so. Then the electricity will have to travel a distance to even reach us. I don't believe we could get enough power to run our equipment on solar or wind and it's unreliable for a manufacturing plant. I think it better to be utilized to keep the lights on and run pumps. We looked into becoming "possibly" the first hydrogen-powered distillery in the US but upon investigating (we have a friend building electrolytic hydrogen separators). I was told that I should be prepared to pay a premium for the hydro
  2. We are working on a project in a rural area and are exploring options for combustion/ steam production for a 1000 gal mash tun/ fermenter/ stripper sized facility. We are planning on cooling using a deep-pond with a coil in it for heat exchange. Would also like to utilize some wind, solar and heat recapture to make the facility as green as possible. Forefront questions: Is propane the best option? What other combustion methods are clean and cost efficient? Who has done this before and has some insight on building such a facility? Thanks in Advance!
  3. We are dumping 10 this week. 10 gallon barrels 1 year with bourbon in them.
  4. Questions on Ag distilleries and livestock: 1. I am hoping to set up a distillery on a piece of property in Colorado currently zoned as agricultural. What are the differences between this and a non-farm distilling operation according to Federal and State licensing? Do you know of any distilleries in Colorado which are located on agricultural, farm or ranch land? What are the specific challenges faced? 2. Our goal is to build a distillery with as small a carbon footprint as possible. One part of this will be some livestock to consume the stillage after being put through a liquid separ
  5. 300 Gallon ACE Roto-Mold cone bottom tank with stand. 42" dia x 67" height. 180lbs Has a few ports for heating/ racking with tri-clamp fittings. $250 + shipping from 80487
  6. I found out that these were originally from Canada when I got them a few years ago. Used mostly as holding tanks here at our place but could be used for a lot more. These come with 6" tri-clamp top caps and 2.5" tri-clamp drain tubes and valves and reducers to get down to a normal 2" size. One has the plastic pucks cut off the feet and is discounted as such. Ships from Northern Colorado (80487). We will get them strapped down to pallets real good and ready for shipping. Tank 1 with pucks: $800 + shipping Tank 2 without pucks: $700 + shipping 1206974397_attachments(16).zip
  7. @SlickFloss I am looking for a freestanding product condenser with a parrot set up. 6-8" diameter and 48" tall condenser and a 5 foot stand. Do you ahve anything comparable in your warehouse? Please email me at nathan@steamboatwhiskeyco.com
  8. Looks like the software choices are slimming up a bit with Five Xs acquiring Whiskey Systems.
  9. Thanks everyone for the input. As we understand it now, we may be able to sell it to businesses that are deemed essential. In our state that appears to be fairly broad. It seems that selling to the general public is where a line is drawn. Truth is that we've run out of resources to do this for free but we continue to field about 20 calls a day regarding the hand sanitizer. We are not yet selling the stuff but we would like to. As we learn more about this we will try and share our experience.
  10. Thanks DrD. We understand the rules laid out initially. So how are Tattersal, Du Nord, and Justice Brothers now selling theirs? Is it through the FDA? TTB? They've produced and distributed 1500 gallons thus far. The prices are all laid out on their website so one might assume they sold those 1500 gallons! Also, has the FDA/ TTB commented on the need for sanitizer in federal prisons and if so has there been any comment on the addition of aloe vera/ gel so inmates won't consume it?
  11. We do not add mineral oil to our batches either. We vegetable glycerol. Perhaps you could share your aloe vera recipe?
  12. Can any of you all tell us what needs to be done to move to sales of our hand sanitizer? To date we've donated around 60 gallons locally but the requests just keep on coming in. As we are short on small containers we are adding a bulk option. Here is a good example we want to emulate for our region: https://www.allhandsmn.org/ Also, anyone used aloe vera gel instead of glycerol? Some of our most vulnerable populations are the nations prisons and they only take gel....(because inmates will apparently drink anything else. Cheers!
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/abc13.com/amp/2609609 okay. Here it is. This is what can happen when you put high-proof alcohol in an immersion blender
  14. Just heard the NPR story on Cotton and Reed in the DC area making hand sanitizer. They blended everything up in an immersion blender when walking the interviewer through the steps to make the product. Can someone please find the article or information on the guy that killed/seriously maimed himself using an immersion blender blending up high-proof alcohol in his distillery. Just thinking to myself how crazy stupid that is and now it's out in the public for many many more idiots the blow themselves up. Ugh!
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