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  1. Hey guys, thanks so much for the awesome response. We pitch half of the yeast and add a quarter after 24hrs, and then another quarter the second day. We also did the same for the nutrients, thus half at first pitch and then half after 24hrs, and then the last quarter the following day. @ Silk City Distillers - sorry can you elaborate for me, what you mean by fresh cane juice is not stable and how could this have affected my fermentation, and what will be the best medium to use for Rum Fermentation ? Can someone take me step by step of how you guys ferment to make Rum, and what is the best medium to use ?
  2. Guys i desperately in need of HELP. We started fermenting the Sugar Cane Juice to make Rum and the SG was 1.072 ( thus about 17 brix). It took off nicely then all of a sudden died after two and half days. I checked the SG and it had dropped to 1.048 (thus about 13brix), we used Calcium Carbonate to up the pH as it kept dropping and kept temperature inbetween 28 - 35 degrees celsius. We also added Nutrivin to boost the yeast and did everything according to the letter. I have been reading through and I came across something you call a buffer solution used in fermentation, can someone please explain to me what it is and what quantity I must use in a 1000 litres Sugar Cane Juice fermentation ? Secondly what pH is ideal for yeast fermentation ( SafSpirit C-70 or Distillax RM) and what could I be doing wrong.
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