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  1. Does anyone have a link to the TTB table used for amount of alcohol produced from grain? I know the gov't has a table that they use to balance the grain purchased to alcohol produced, but can't seem to find it... Thanks!
  2. Williamsburg, what is the model number of that scale, and a link for it? Thanks!
  3. dkr02


    We need a source for silicone bungs- anyone have any recommendations?
  4. Anyone doing this to flavor their whiskey? Due to the barrel shortage, we're thinking about doing this to our product. How would it be classed by TTB?
  5. dkr02

    Need Barrels!

    Well, that's great news! Howabout used barrels in the eastern US- any available?
  6. dkr02

    Need Barrels!

    We hope to be opening in the next 60 days, and need some new, uncharred barrels. I contacted Independent Stave and they're backed up and not taking on any new customers. Any suggestions? We're located in NC... Rick
  7. dkr02

    Corn Whisky help

    My take on the barrels is the same as yours, it's kind of unclear, just "used barrels", just hate to assume when dealing with TTB!
  8. dkr02

    Corn Whisky help

    According to the TTB classification, corn whisky must be stored in used or new uncharred barrels. We were hoping to use the used bourbon barrels to age our corn whisky, but am confused on the barrel requirement. Can we use the used bourbon barrels and still meet the requirement? If not, what would the whisky be classed stored in these barrels? Thanks for the help!
  9. Scott Tried to email you, wouldn't go through. Could you send pictures to waltonsdistilleryinc@yahoo.com We're interested... Thanks! Rick
  10. I'd like to announce our new company, Walton's Distillery Inc., located in Jacksonville NC. We have just finished building our facility, and are acquiring our equipment and supplies now. We hope to be operational after the first of the year, and will be making aged whiskey and straight bourbon. We are very excited, and want to thank all that have helped us here throughout our process. Contact us at waltonsdistilleryinc@yahoo.com. Good things to come!
  11. Does anyone have contact info for the NC Distillers Guild? We're hoping to be open first of the year here in Jacksonville and would like to make contact with them. Thanks! waltonsdistilleryinc@yahoo.com
  12. Website is not up anymore. Do you have another site for them?
  13. We're needing 10-15 for starters, and would like regular access once we get going. Drop me a line at waltonsdistilleryinc@yahoo.com and we can talk further....
  14. Anyone have a good source for used bourbon barrels? Closer to NC the better...
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