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  1. I have a Sunset milk tank, it holds 310 gallons, the cooling jacket has been converted to steam. False bottom rig included, along with the triclamp drain converting piece. Mixer with blades also included. Pump, plate cooler and steam generator/controller not included. You will need to pick this up, its too tall to tip on its side to put on a pallet. Pick up is at 81435, Telluride, Colorado.
  2. Telluride

    15 gallon new top load heavy char barrels

    Thanks jeff, ive found a mfg to do this for us already, sorry for not keeping this updated.
  3. Who makes them and what are your prices? Everything ive seen is side load, i hate those because of where our storage/barrel house is setup. Have a new product and looking to order several pallets to start. Thanks!
  4. Telluride

    BIB Bag In Box Supplier

    Thanks @Rum I have seen those, i am looking for the actual bibs for soda syrup that you can hook into a soda gun. We make our own mixers for our tasting room and most local accounts and my distributor would like to pick these mixers up if I can figure out these bibs. For the filling machine, I have already designed a single bag filler that would work.
  5. Telluride

    BIB Bag In Box Supplier

    @HedgeBird I am looking for new empty bibs
  6. Telluride

    BIB Bag In Box Supplier

    Anyone know of a BIB bag in box supplier? I can get my box guy to build the boxes, but am having problems finding a bag supplier, maybe someone has a contact that does both already? BIBs for soda guns is what I am looking for exactly. Thanks!
  7. Telluride

    Bottler - 4 Head Vacuum Driven

    I'm sure you can figure it out, its a pretty simple bottler
  8. Telluride

    Bottler - 4 Head Vacuum Driven

    Pending Sale
  9. I've got a bottler for sale, it has done well for us, we purchased an automated line. Uses easily obtainable parts, however it has not broke down on us once and is in perfect working order. Has 4 filling heads and also an air hose to blow out cardboard, dust and other particles from the bottle. Sits on a great little stand at a perfect height for bottling and can finish a pallet in about 3 hours. We used some whole house filters(not included, but the mounting points to put the filter housing on are still there) to filter inline from our collection tank. Its basically an enolmatic, except you get a blow out hose, better vacuum pump(diaphragm and oil free) and larger vacuum chamber. $1500 for the bottler, will need to be freighted from Telluride, CO 81435, we can palletize and load onto a truck easily, freight is on the buyer.
  10. what about 100ml plastic flasks?
  11. Looking for a Colorado or 4 corners glass supplier. We need 200 ml flasks, plastic or glass with tamper evident closures. Its more of a shipping thing, I can get a pallet from denver for around $67, but when we start talking about having to bring it in from out of state it can get expensive. I know where I can get these from outside of this area. We are in Telluride, CO 81435.
  12. I had a lot of people asking to purchase the still controller that I was selling with my boiler. I have an extra one and can modify it to meet your needs, or if you need something entirely different let me know and I can put something together. Prices range from $500 up, this one would be around $1350 shipped and includes plugs and RTD sensor. I also have a great little steam generator and controller for a mash tun, I still need to price that out, but I have included a picture for anyone interested. I currently have the same one hooked up to the cooling jacket of my milk tank mash tun, you could easily do a direct injection if needed. PM me for any questions or details. (The last picture is of my PLC controller with touchscreen HMI for my continuous column, we built the column and controller)