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  1. Hey everyone, I'm trying to get my distillery up and running and am ready to order hydrometers. I know I need to have them certified, calibrated, and in the ranges specified by the TTB for both Specific Gravity and Proof. I thought I had all my info down until the retailer called me wanting me to specify the calibration point for each hydrometer—meaning a single proof or a single specific gravity to which the calibration will be 100% accurate. Any ideas? I only purchased single point calibration—do I need to go higher? Or did I have the right idea and just need to pick the right proof/SG. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello, I am in the final stages before ordering equipment based around a 50 gallon micro distiller. I have been working to generate an equipment list and I was wondering if anyone had any guidance about if this looks similar to set ups you have seen or been a part of. Our list is as follows: -50 Gallon Hillbilly Still -Fermentation tanks -Stainless steel mash kettle with cooling jacket, steam injection, agitator, 3" bottom outlet and recycled cooling water system -Finished stainless steel tanks with 2" bottom outlets -55 Gallon Charcoal filter with pumps -2" transfer pump with hose and quick connect fittings -Auto bottle filler -Commercial sized burr grist for grinding grains -Commercial sized boiler for steam generation -Charcoal water filter -Warehouse racking -Labeler Any help or guidance you could give me would be much appreciated!
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