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  1. Location in Historic Business District

    Thanks for the responses guys. Glad to hear that the process is moving along for you well dwrich. I will be starting the zoning approval process with the city in the next month which is about a 2-3 month process and involves a public hearing. From my discussions with people in the city, most are excited about a dsitllery in the area.
  2. I am working with a developer in a small town for a site in a downtown historic business district. He is concerned about the code requirements that will need to be incorporated into the design of the new building. We are both concerned about approval from the local city planner. Has anyone had similar experience building new or rehabbing a building in a downtown business district, specifically a historic one? The city planner for the town would like to discuss with another local agent who had to approve the distillery's operations, go through zoning changes, etc. If you are able to share contact information for the local agent you dealt with, please PM me. It would be greatly appreciated.
  3. On-Site Tastings

    grehorst, I have been to your distillery in Milwaukee and love your product. From what I have read about you, you have been a great force in the state of Wisconsin in regards to making it a more friendly state for the craft distiller. Based on your post and the statue, I understand that the manufactures permit as issued by the state allows you to sell cocktails, bottles, and provide free samples on site without a local liquor license. I just want to make sure as this would be a deal-breaker for the location I am considering.
  4. Restaurant Partnership

    Thanks for the comment Roger. You make a great point.
  5. Restaurant Partnership

    First off, I would like to introduce myself. I am working towards a new distillery in South East Wisconsin. I have been using this great forum for the past few months to gain distilling business knowledge from superb professionals in the trade. I thank you for the wealth of knowledge and the open dialog that is available. I have an opportunity to work with a developer in a build to suit scenario at a prime location on a street and in a town that receives a lot of foot traffic. The developer mentioned that he is very interested in a distillery in his new building, but would also like to see a restaurant. I do not plan on operating a distillery and a restaurant. He indicated that he is currently in discussion with a restaurant and they might be interested in developing a partnership with me at his location. The lot is large enough to accommodate us both, our spaces would be separate and we would each have our own storefronts. There is obviously a lot to work out (i especially need to like the restaurant and the Owners). My biggest concern would be how my brand would be affected. I would definitely want to be thought of as a separate entity but reap the benefits of a restaurant highlighting my products. I was wondering if anyone out there has run into a similar scenario and what you did to protect your brand. Thanks in advance for any input you can offer.
  6. Head Distiller for New Distillery

    Where in Wisconsin will your distillery be located?