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  1. All, Thank you VERY much for the incredible amount of information that you supplied, that .PDF was a great read too. Again, I am still geeking out on the whole process of distillation and the different types of stills as well as how each design contributes to the process. As I have mentioned in my first post, I am a Mechanical Designer and in the past have developed Fuel mixing systems for Cummins, Oil recovery units for test cells at Harley Davidson, Dyno test beds, Hydraulic lifting systems, just to name a few, so once I started visiting Distilleries I had to know more about the whole process and what needs to be taken in consideration for Still design, who knows maybe that will be my next job. Again, thank you all. I plan to keep researching the topic and would love to hear more about design ideas as they come along. Hey Pete.....
  2. Hey all, I am new here and being a Mechanical Designer I am curious about some of the design features of a still. So on a column still, is there any type of formula or rule of thumb to go by with the diameter of the column in relation to the diameter of the base/pot? I have read were people looking for an R&D still recommend using a 1/2 barrel (beer) and a 2" pipe for a column. I have seen larger stills with what look like 8" columns. Would it be detrimental to the over all process if you were to put too large of diameter on a smaller base? Thanks for any info., I am kind of geeking out on the whole distillation process.
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