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  1. How do people go about sourcing their GNS? Is there an open marketplace or is it all negotiated with manufacturers or distributors? How much can one expect to pay at the 50 gallon level for GNS? At what QTYs could I expect to see price breaks?
  2. New prices.. Lee Kettle $7.500 Buffalo Kettle $5,000 Mixer $700
  3. Need this stuff gone: Lee Kettle $9.500 Buffalo Kettle $5,500 Mixer $800
  4. Price Reduction: Lee Kettle $10.500 Buffalo Kettle $6,500 I'm motivated to get these sold before the snow comes.
  5. 400 Gallon Lee Industries Spherical Steam Kettle - $9,500 $7,500 It measures 90” from the bottom of the tank to the top of the mixers. The legs measure an additional 90” and could easily be trimmed down to whatever height you would like. Includes two Baldor food grade motors rated for 230/460v 3ph washdown duty (can provide spec sheet) attached to primary (w/ scrapers) and secondary mixers. (2) 1 ½” steam connections. Previously used in the food industry. Technical drawing can be found below. More Pics: http://s222.photobucket.com/user/eyebrowski13/library/Distillery/Lee%20Ind 400 Gallon Buffalo Stainless Jacketed Kettle (or Fermenter?) - $5,500 SOLD!!! It has a 7.5HP 230/460v 3ph food grade Sew-Eurodrive washdown duty motor (can provide spec sheet) with agitator and measures 54”in diameter x 54” high. The jacket is certified to 125 PSI. No mounting legs included but has mounting brackets where they could easily be attached. Bottom of tank is conical and has a 2” outlet with electric valve. 1 ½” steam connection. Previously used in the food industry. More Pics: http://s222.photobucket.com/user/eyebrowski13/library/Distillery/Buff%20SS 10HP Baldor Mixer - $1,200 $700 230/460v 3ph Baldor washdown duty electric motor (can provide spec sheet), gear box, and mixer for sale. Weld on mounting bracket included. Mixer is stainless steel and 48” long. I will include this spare mixer for free if both of the above kettles are purchased together. More Pics: http://s222.photobucket.com/user/eyebrowski13/library/Distillery/Baldor%20Mixer All equipment is currently palletized and loaded on an equipment trailer. I will deliver within 250 miles of Boston for $2.50 /mile. If you would like to purchase the trailer with equipment strapped on I will sell it for $2250 (8k lb, clean title, new tires). 10% discount on any of the above for cash purchases.
  6. What ratio corn / barley would you recommend to not have to use enzyme additives?
  7. Any critique on this recipe? Corn - 70% Malted Barley - 10% Wheat - 15% Rye - 5%
  8. Does anyone make a wheated bourbon with some rye (say 5%)? I am aiming for the smoothness of a wheat bourbon but would like to add a little rye spice. Are there any brands out there doing this that I could try?
  9. Hi Don, I just sent you an email. Sorry for the delay, I'm not getting notifications from the forum and forgot to check back.
  10. Yes it is still available, just replied to PM.
  11. ManifestSales, I (Greg) am selling the unit. Would you like me to send you pictures?
  12. Hi Mike, I will give you a call later this evening. The pipes that I think you are talking about (capped copper) are in the refrigerant loop. I purchased it at a sale but my equipment plans no longer require a chiller this size. I never got a chance to run it but purchased it in "good working cond." and I will guarantee it as such to not be "dead on arrival" or money back.
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