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Boiling point adjusted for elevation

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So I am at 2600' elevation.  The boiling point of water decreases 0.5 degree C for every 500' elevation, so my water boils around 97.5 degree celcius or 207.5 F. -4.5 degree from normal boiling point.

If I want to make my theoretical head cut at 160 F and tails cut at 180 F, should I subtract 4.5 from each of these values to account for elevation.  

i.e. does the boiling point of alcohol  react to elevation in a linear manner to h2o?  

I'm going to do some research and report back, thought i would see if anyone out there has useful info?


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Temperature is only one parameter we consider when making cuts. Proof, smell, taste can't be discounted. Some products we go deeper into the tails, others not so much. You can and should consider many different things when making cuts.

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