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  1. 1.There's no corrosion or oxidation, the copper is shiny and new. 2. Our mash is cooled with a water jacket. 3. I'll probably upgrade to SS soon, the copper coil was the largest option that was available (plus it was a good price) There's nothing to indicate that anything is going wrong here, I'm a guy who started a distillery with no prior distilling experience, so I feel I need to be extra cautious. I've consulted some chemists/chemistry nerds and no one seems to think that this is going to be an issue, so I guess it's all clear from here. Better safe than sorry!
  2. We have a 200L ss tank holding our vodka, with Summer coming it's starting to get pretty hot in the distillery. I bought a copper coil immersion chiller for cooling down the vodka but now I am wondering if copper will leach into the vodka if the chiller stays in the tank. Does anyone know anything about this, or copper reactivity/toxicity? I need to get the vodka reasonably cool for bottling.
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