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  1. You can use normal cotton twine too.
  2. Thanks Paul. We are going to mill out a copper bushing and tap it. That'll be a solid piece that can handle some torsion.
  3. Thanks Paul: We are adding a return buttress fitting to our column. We can do it in a 1.5inch tri clamp or a 1/2 inch FMPT buttress socket. I am agnostic as to which. Since the column is solid copper, we wanted to keep the buttress fitting in copper as well. I have attached pics for reference. I know I could use a standard copper sweat fit 1/2 inch FMPT adapter, but they arent terribly robust and the thread exposure is pretty limited.
  4. Hi folks! I am in search of COPPER triclamp ferrules to weld/braze to a copper column. Does anyone know where to find these?
  5. Thanks Paul. I tried to PM you but the system says I cant. I sent an email offline. Cheers!
  6. Thanks Meerkat. We live by your software, BTW. Couldn't function without it. Re: the 1st vs 2nd column condensate return, I was assuming I would run two deflegs and pump back column 2 into column one. Seems like an easier challenge to solve than seeing if a simple pump back (sans a defleg on column one) will solve the challenge.
  7. I am running into a challenge with a new building upfit and thought I would throw this to the peanut gallery. We planned for a roof penetration for our vodka column. The construction is underway. The city engineering revised the roof penetration needs substantially and the cost has now increased a bunch. The question becomes easier: spend a ton of money to do a roof penetration or modify equipment to deal with a lower ceiling? Does anyone have thoughts on making a vodka column lower or dividing it in half? Thanks and cheers!
  8. Im guessing an xpressfill could work, but I've had one in the past and wasn't too impressed with it (for 750ml bottles). Also, the TE tops. Are people just using hand held powered cappers to put them on? Thanks everyone!
  9. We are exploring sourcing our bottles directly from the manufacturer overseas. Does any distillery have experience or recommendations on a bulk supplier? We want bottle frosting, printing etc. done all at the same time. Shipping container volume. Thanks for any leads.
  10. Your senators and congressmen can help if you are being victimized here. I would absolutely loop them in and ask for intervention.
  11. Pallet Jack scale. Not the most accurate, but works for us.
  12. True: but most of them have on staff someone (or teams of people) like Donald Snyder, and wouldn't require Whiskey Systems. Alas, I cant afford a full timer that does nothing but systems management and materials/inventory/cost accounting.
  13. Whiskey systems is to us the best there is. Was using it since the start and has seen how much it's grown. It simply covers everything. I was thinking of this the other day; IMHO if you aspire to grow your distilling business you're going to be using WS software eventually, regardless of the system you use presently. It's the only one that can handle all scales of distillery enterprises.
  14. As you can read by the different responses, this is a local code issue. Run it by your architect and make sure the plans pass muster for your building permit/CO application.
  15. If it is a high proof pump, one would assume you're using a double diaphragm air driven one. What is the application? Filtering? What's the volume? These are cheap and easy set ups if so.
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