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  1. Hey there, Second mash in 3000L mash tun. Attempted to let 100% wheat soak all night at a little over room temperature, being agitated the whole time. Mashed as normal the next morning bringing it up as high as 85C 185F and everything seemed fine until I went to vorlauf and the recirc pump couldn’t draw any wort. Opened the dump valve and it was packed with rock hard bright white substance (assuming it was starch). I was able to inject water back up the drain and able to break it up enough to vorlauf. I let it vorlauf for about 45 min and the OG came up a lot, presuming from the st
  2. Ya fair enough. I may end up doing it that way, I just hadn’t planned on fermenting on the grain. I thought maybe someone with this setup had found a clever way to lauter before it went to the fermenter? Thanks for the reply. Chris.
  3. Hey There, ive been reading through this equipment page trying to find info on a mash separator of some sort. It sounds like people have tried a few different things but nothing really stood out as an option for us. We plan on mashing mostly wheat with some barely mostly in a 3000L mash tun/stripping still but it is incapable of lautering. Are there manufacturers that build a premade unit that could filter the wort and collect the grain from a 3000L batch? I have been looking at modifying a square stainless fermenter that has a removable lid and could be fitted with a screen
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