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  1. Hey that would be great would love to come for a visit. I should be through Calgary around spring and will reach out.
  2. Does Stats Can break this data down by province and segment of the industry?
  3. And hey Glenlyon I grew up on the Sunshine Coast (Lund, Powell River) on the beaches as a little squid bait sailing, beach combing, fishing and cruising through Molly's Reach on the way to Van so thems my old stomping grounds. Relic Lives. Good on you for making a go of it there well done.
  4. Thank you for the input everyone. I'd like to see clarity on exactly what the 48% refers to. Overall the numbers makes sense as it's a new industry in which the average is 3+ yrs to be profitable so the overall profitability average will be low. A more accurate number would be what % of companies are profitable after 3 years. Then there's the provincial regulation component (looking at you BC you've gone backwards) that can hinder profitability as well as the reality that a certain percentage of upstarts are more focused on craft excellence over business planning. We are open to the idea of co
  5. Glenlyon. A very good question indeed. We have thought about that somewhat, perhaps not enough. Better for a private conversation I'd say though so I'll send you a PM.
  6. et1883 will do for sure. Mom's in Nanaimo as that's where I grew up (along with Powell River) so I should be around at least once by next summer. 3rd generation to Alberta but grew up from 4 + in BC. Friends and family in both provinces.
  7. Hi Tim Thank you kindly for reaching out. We would likely set up in Edmonton and be an actual distillery working with grain. There is one product where we would consider using GNS and are discussing the pros and cons of that with a consultant now. My comments on the business side of things were based on our export strategy as my partner and I have 25 years combined experience working overseas in Asian with business connections there. We would also be interested in working with AB/SK farmers in the future to produce single malt/single farm whiskey but we haven't yet researched that. We are
  8. Evening All A partner and I are writing a business plan to start a production distillery in Western Canada for export purposes. While we absolutely adore and respect the craft of artisanal distilling and have pet projects we'd like to work on later we are approaching this as a business that sells alcohol. We have proven track records in operations, business development and marketing in the brewing industry so hopefully that counts for something. I've read (over and over) the warnings of starting up a distillery on ADI and have taken those generous offerings of sage advice to heart so than
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