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  1. Just out of curiosity is it better to load the basket layer by layer, or just mix all the botanicals in a bucket and load the column? For example we make Gin for another company and they layer the basket with juniper first then coriander, but our gin uses dried citrus peels and wondering if layering the botanicals would yield a better result than mixing them around
  2. Up here in Canada we dont have any regulations with pea flower, carmine has a bit of a regulation for causing severe allergic reactions. We use both pea flower and carmine in our products to get very rich colours. Pea flower doesnt do well with the sun though, so keep that in mind as well
  3. Thanks for the help everyone, really appreciate it. Our solution we came to was to use the Alex 500 for our gin but we run a sample through some paper filters that came with the machine, i think it said 4 micron and it gave us readings .4 below our previous readings, seems to be an efficient way so far
  4. We have a decently extensive experience with carmine, ours comes in liquid form and we just add it to the tote of liquid after dilution to your needed ABV, its very concentrated so it doesnt require much to get a rich colour so you wont have to worry about you alcohol content changing. However we are located in Canada so we havent really tried to get a dried carmine product. There is a regulation in our country because carmine has had reports of causing severe allergic reactions in higher doses, might be worth looking into what your regulations with the FDA would regarding it.
  5. We currently use Anton paar machines, one is the Alex 500 model and the other is the handheld Snap 41, they both have different ranges and sensitivties, they also both have their limitations, the handheld doesnt do well with testing darker spirits like whiskey, and the alex 500 cant test anything over 50% abv
  6. Hi there, we have been having issues with testing the ABV of our gin, we have a few gins that use flavourings, some of these flavourings do have sugar in them. We have 2 different testing machines and they are both coming up with different numbers, we need the percentage to be pretty exact. Does the sugar in the alcohol affect the ABV readings?
  7. We have also tried the bag filters but the get so blocked up so fast that its almost not worth it to keep having to change it after a few minutes, for some of our products we have even resorted to just pre filtering it through a multi layered paper filter machine and it worked wonders, but our filters are so gummed up that they barely work, just need to clean all of our filters
  8. hey guys, we produce a couple of gins that we put carmine and pea flower in and it really blocks up our filters, just wondering what you guys recommend for cleaning them, I've been trying to use a caustic bath and hot water but its only doing so much. I put a picture of the filters we use to give you an idea of what we use
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