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  1. Hi folks, I've got a quick question about the new-(ish) bond regulations. It seems like my forthcoming nano-distillery will fall well under the $50,000 tax threshold for not needing a bond. Does anyone know how that affects all of the TTB application sections that refer to the "bonded premises"? Will I be asking for trouble if I just write "N/A" for all of those, given there won't be any "bonded premises"?
  2. Hi folks, new to posting in the forum, though I've been lurking for quite a while... It's been so helpful so far, thank you! Anyway, I'm in the early/middle stages of starting a DSP focused on herbal spirits here in Maine, and have a few questions for folks as we really start to ramp up the pre-production work. Some pertinent info: We're going to predominantly be purchasing NGS to make amaro, aquavit, and uncategorizable / lesser known old-world-inspired stuff. (I know that makes us not actually a distillery, but I hope you'll still have us here.) We'll be operating on a tiny scale to beg
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