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  1. Thinking of getting into NA Spirits (0-.5% ABV). I'm referring to things like Seedlip and not soda or juice. Anyone have some knowledge or experience? I'm curious about how what seemingly is an alcohol process gets done without alcohol...
  2. Thanks schnit. I will visit them. Any smaller distilleries in the Denver area open to visitors?
  3. I'm considering going to the ACDA conference in Denver in a few weeks.. While I'm there I'd like to visit some distilleries. Any recommendations of distilleries in the area that may be open to visitors? Bobby
  4. Coop, I appreciate your points- well taken. While I haven't posted before, I've lurked here for quite some time. I prefer to remain anonymous for personal reasons I'd rather not go into- lets just say a job change is imminent and includes this project. I will say I do currently work at a DSP. I didn't think this information was relevant because my concern isn't on the state level, it has more to do with fear of violating federal laws- I have a pretty good handle on our state laws. The problem is there are very few attorneys that have knowledge of securities and ALC beverages. So, you said yo
  5. Wow, lot's of people who seem to be authoritative yet have diverging opinions. Sounds like what I really need to find is a lawyer who has dealt with this before. So, anyone know one?
  6. Thanks for the replies. Teton, our business is to the point where I don't want to put anything at risk. Lawyering up is expensive but in the long run it is cheap insurance in the event you are doing something wrong or piss off that barrel customer. I asked because I assume (and may be wrong) that some of those companies you list did use an attorney to make sure contracts are legally sound. It was my hope someone who is doing one of these programs would have responded with an attorneys name.
  7. Teton, Have you looked into the legalities of this? Do you know an attorney experienced in this? I'm finding it hard to believe that someone who is not the DSP can own a barrel within the DSP. Anyone can print a certificate saying so, but does that customer truly legally own that barrel? I hope you're right but I'm not confident without some legal expertise saying so. A lot of distilleries like to do what they want and ask forgiveness later. I'm not comfortable with that strategy. Rob
  8. I have someone interested in having us create a barrel of product for them personally. (We realize we need to sell it bottled upon completion and our state does allow direct sales to consumers). Of course this has me thinking there are likely others who would be interested in this. This would appear to be a pre-sale since we plan to actually have product available to them once aging is done. Any money that initially changes hands could be considered a deposit and no guarantee to buy it back is offered therefore I don't think this would be considered a futures program and would avoid severe re
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