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Maryland DSP question and comments

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Perhaps one of the 10 Maryland distilleries or the Maryland Distillers Guild can answer or comment. After easily and quickly obtaining a TTB permit for a new distillery in Frederick County, I learned that Maryland a) doesn't have a craft distiller's license class b) requires distilleries who pay a $2,000 annual fee to also obtain a $2,000 wholesale liquor license in order to sell their products to wholesalers and retailers. Marylanders, do I have that right? Is anyone lobbying Annapolis about these high fees and separate licenses? Most states I deal with permit distillers to manufacture and sell to wholesalers and retails without having a second license.


John Springer
john@ttbhelp.us | (631) 331-3334

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Seems like you could contact the Maryland Distillers Guild who will surely know.  https://marylandspirits.org/

Edgardo at Twin Valley in Montgomery County had an article written about them that references a state law that allows self distribution for much less.  I don't have the direct reference to law, but here's the article: https://bethesdamagazine.com/bethesda-beat/dine/new-distillery-law-expected-to-expand-craft-spirits-market-in-montgomery-county/  

He basically credits his own lobbying to get the various laws changed in addition to different zoning for artisan distillers that lets them set up in lighter industrial areas.  I think he's right.  He's a go-getter.  I think he has a login here at ADI forums, so you might ping him too.  It doesn't look like he's been here for a while, but his name is @Chefedgardo 

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