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New European Distillery Tanks

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New European Distillery Tanks


Ager Tank and Equipment has partnered with Letina to bring our customers high quality European crafted Stainless Steel distillery tanks.  Open top and closed top models are still available.  Once these tanks are sold out we will not have any more in stock till the first part of 2019.

Ager Tank offers along with the tanks:

Competitive Shipping Rates

Financing options


If you have any questions, please contact either Sean or Jason at (503)-222-7079 or at info@agertank.com


500 Gallon (1900L) Variable Capacity Tank- $4,695.00

660 Gallon (2500L) Variable Capacity Tank-$5,895.00

1070 Gallon (4050L) Variable Capacity Tank-$6,895.00 1 LEFT IN STOCK!

330 Gallon (1250L) Variable Capacity Tank- $4,350.00

160 Gallon ( 620L) Variable Capacity Tank (SINGLE WALL)-$1,080.00

290 Gallon (1000L) Variable Capacity Tank (SINGLE WALL)- $1,650.00


Closed Top Tanks:

265 Gallon (1000L) Closed Top Jacketed Tank-$3,495.00

650 Gallon (2450L) Closed Top Jacketed Tank- $5,450.00

1320 Gallon (5000L) Closed Top Jacketed Tank- $7,450.00

1635 Gallon (6200L) Closed Top Jacketed Tank- $9,395.00 1 LEFT IN STOCK!

290 Gallon (1100L) SINGLE WALLED Closed Top Tank- $2,195.00

530 Gallon (2000L) SINGLE WALLED Mix tank with Hinged lid-$4,695.00

Plate in Frame Filters

                30 Plates- $4,250.00

                40 Plate- $4,695.00


These tanks are ordered direct from the Letina’s state of the art factory and are expertly crafted.  All tanks listed above are in stock ready to ship from our Portland, Oregon showroom.  For more information please visit our website at www.Agertank.com, call our office at (503)-222-7079 and ask for Sean or Jason, or email info@agertank.com. 





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